Hilarious bus stop prank Photoshops waiting passengers into posters

Chris Parsons

Photoshop pranksters stun Swedes waiting for the bus - by placing them in bus stop poster ads before their very eyes.

Computer wizard Erik Johansson rigged a bus stop in Stockholm with a monitor, before covertly waiting in a van opposite and taking pictures of unassuming bus passengers.

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Using high-speed Photoshop skills, the passengers look on in bemusement as their picture is plastered onto the bus stop poster in several hilarious poses.

One male Swede has his physique tweaked so he appears as a muscle-bound action hero, while two complete strangers are left red-faced when they are placed on a wedding cake together.

Hidden camera rigged up in the bus stop itself then capture the range of reactions as Swedes spot themselves super-imposed into several Hollywood-style bus poster ads.

The hilarious prank was the work of Adobe, the makers of Photoshop, and has since been viewed over 12 million times online.