Busted reveal they’re working on new music with Jordan Fish

Busted at Download (Picture: Stuart Garneys)
Busted at Download (Picture: Stuart Garneys)

Busted have told Rolling Stone UK that they’re working on new music with Jordan Fish, the former keyboardist and producer of Bring Me The Horizon.

Speaking before their set at Download Festival yesterday (June 14), the group revealed that they’ve been working on “experimental” new music with Fish, for what will be the follow up to 2023’s Greatest Hits 2.0. It comes after Fish announced his departure from Bring Me The Horizon earlier this year.

“We’re currently in the process of writing a new album and we’ve been out in LA with Jordan Fish,” explained Charlie Simpson.

“We’re doing some writing with him and we’ve got some great songs already. We want to try and get a whole bunch of songs that we can choose from because I think this next album is very important for Busted. We had such a great year last year and I feel like there’s a lot of love out there for Busted. We want to make a record that pleases the fans and takes Busted on into the future.”

Matt Willis added: “We’re experimenting, we trying to not be tied down to anything too hard right now. We’re in a position where we give less fucks and we just want to do what makes us really fucking stoked.”

Of working with Fish, Willis added: “Jordan’s the best thing to happen to Busted in a long time. He’s the most creative person and he’s different to us because he loves all the same shit as us, but he brings all the stuff we’ve never had. It’s this added little element of genius that is really unique. I think people would be surprised to hear what we’re doing with him. It’s not necessarily what you might think. We’re experimenting. It’s fun.”

Fish joined the rock giants in 2012 and played a key part in evolving the group’s sound from their heavier origins, which was first displayed on the 2013 record Sempiternal.

Confirming Fish’s departure, Bring Me The Horizon said in a statement: “Bring Me The Horizon has decided to part ways with Jordan Fish. We want to thank him for the musical journey he took with us and wish him luck with everything in the future. Meanwhile we continue to work on Nex Gen, with brand new music coming very soon. See you on our UK tour in January.”

In his own statement, Fish added: “I’m really grateful for my 11 years with the band, and extremely proud of all that we have achieved together.

“I look forward to hearing what they do next, and wish them every success in the future. I’m excited to start this next chapter in my career”.

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