You Can Buy Chicken Burgers That Taste Just Like KFC In Supermarkets Right Now

Anna Lewis

From Delish

Not being able to get hold of our favourite fast food treats is really starting to change how we eat. And how we cook.

Maybe it’s not such a bad thing, ya know? We’re all cooking a lot more, which makes us far more self-sufficient.

Plus, there are things we can do if we’re having McDonald’s and KFC withdrawal symptoms. We have a slow cooker KFC recipe that is to die for. Plus, this guy says he’s mastered the KFC recipe at home, so you can have a go at that too.

If you’re in the market for something a little less taxing (we get it – just because we’re at home, that doesn’t mean we’re working any less hard), Birds Eye’s Chicken Shop range might just be the thing for you.

Photo credit: KFC

The southern-fried style Ultimate burger and spicily-coated Sizzler burger (which tastes just like a KFC Zinger burger), are both made from whole chicken breast fillets, and are said to offer a “premium-taste”. They come in packs of two.

Instagram account Well This Is New spotted the burgers in the freezer aisle at Asda.

“Shoppers want great tasting, high-quality chicken products and the launch of the Chicken Shop range last year proved that our chicken is as delicious as a normal takeaway if not better,” said Birds Eye brand manager for chicken James McComas.

Get them in a bun with some mayo, lettuce and cheese and you’re laughing.

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