Buying London 'favouritism' row breaks out between agents

Buying London row sets stage for fierce feud between Lauren and Rasa

Buying London row breaks out between Lauren and Rasa. (Netflix)
Buying London row breaks out between Lauren and Rasa. (Netflix)

New Netflix show Buying London – dubbed the 'British Selling Sunset' – got off the ground with a favouritism row tearing the agents apart in the first episode.

Fiery DDRE Global agents Lauren Christy and Rasa Bagdonaviciute quickly established themselves as rivals in the first episode of the Netflix show when a "favouritism" row erupted over their posh dinner with their fellow colleagues. The row sets the theatrical stage for the ongoing fireworks between agents Rasa and Lauren on Buying London.

Rasa took umbrage that Lauren got the £15m Halcyon Hall, Radlett listing over her. Naturally both agents clashed as they are both incredibly ambitious and Lauren had been boasting about her long-time friendship with the CEO Daniel Daggers and how he "trusted" her more than the others, saying: "You’re still new you need to earn that trust."

The CEO took the team out for a flashy dinner but after food, he decided to leave them with his credit card because he felt they couldn't really let loose while he was still around. The row was sparked after Rasa admitted she had been "quiet" so far during dinner.

Lauren cut straight to the tension that was brewing between them. "I was also told you had some raw feelings or unanswered questions about why I'm getting listings," she said.

Rasa was quick to point out it wasn't just her who was feeling this way. "I think we all had this question in mind," she said. "It's not only me."

Tensions were especially high as the £15m listing was the must-have listing for the agency. Featuring nine bedrooms and nine bathrooms over 15,000sqft, Halcyon Hall, Radlett has a guide price of £15m and the commission rate would come in at £300,000.

Lauren has a friendship with Daniel Daggers, the CEO.
Lauren has a friendship with Daniel Daggers, the CEO. (Netflix)

Riling up the drama, Lauren asked: "Is that the reason you've been so quiet?"

Rasa stayed true to her opinions as the row intensified. She said: "It seem like for me you're trying to kind of show how important you are because you have that friendship. That's not the reason she should get the listings in my opinion."

Oli jumped in to give his thoughts on the argument unfolding in front of the whole group. "I think there is some issues because you have a relationship." He said. Lauren interrupted him to correct him saying "relationship" was actually a "friendship". The agent then questioned that everyone had a friendship with the CEO.

Rasa told her: "It’s not all about you. You said yourself because you should get the listing because you have a friendship with Daniel… You playing on my experience, don’t underestimate me. You say me lacking experience is my weakness."

Halcyon Hall, Radlett in Buying London
Halcyon Hall, Radlett has a guide price of £15million and the commission rate would come in at £300,000. (Netflix)

Just 11 minutes into the episode, the CEO introduced three of the agents – Lauren, Rasa and Rosi – to the £15m listing. When the CEO leaves them to looking around, Lauren took the time to boast about her friendship with him.

While she said she's there to do her job, she stirred up the drama at the very beginning. She said: "How many of our jobs are about factually knowing a property? It’s about people right? We all have our strengths right? When it comes to experience of me going by that, I have more experience than both of you."

She went on: "I think it really does help that I have a friendship with Daniel. He knows me on a personal level but also what I’m like to work with. So, he trusts me."

Buying London (Netflix)
Rasa and Rosi pictured at the £15m house featured in Buying London. (Netflix)

Rasa didn't like what Lauren had to say about her friendship with the CEO. She said: "So let me get this right, you’re saying, to get this listing you’ve got to be friends with the boss right?"

Lauren hit back: "No I'm not saying that. He knows me and trusts me. You’re still new you need to earn that trust."

Later in the office, the CEO congratulated Lauren on getting the listing. He said: "I’ve just got off the phone with the client and made decision on who to appoint. I’d like to congratulate Lauren. I just want to say well done Lauren.

"Look the whole point the way we run this business, it’s imperative we build rapport with our clients. Lauren’s got six years worth of sales experience. So well done Lauren, congratulations, let’s move forward. Crack on with your days."

Buying London is streaming on Netflix now.