Cadbury 'eyebrow kid' unrecognisable as he recreates iconic ad 15 years later

Bradley Ford and co-star, Georgia Wake, in the iconic Cadbury's eyebrows advert
-Credit: (Image: Cadbury)

Most Cadbury fans will remember the iconic "eyebrow" advert they did back in 2009.

It saw a young boy and girl engaging in some eyebrow gymnastics and had Brits giggling at the time.

The one-minute spectacle featured Bradley Ford alongside Georgia Wake, as they energetically danced their eyebrows in sync with the electro-funk beats of "Don't Stop the Rock".

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At the tender age of 11, Bradley became known for his eyebrow waggling prowess, and now at 26, he has proven on TikTok where he is known as the_eyebrow_kid, that time hasn't diminished his unique talent.

Bradley, still a master of the eyebrow dance, looks every bit the grown-up heartthrob compared to his child actor days though his haircut remains surprisingly familiar. Now, the young man uses humour and charm to engage his social media audience.

In recent times, Bradley gleefully revisited his claim to fame by posting a rendition of the famed cadence, which quickly amassed a deluge of likes and shared enthusiasm.

Cadbury itself couldn't resist commenting with praise, saying: "All these years later and you have still got it! " And fans are captivated too, urging for a reunion with his co-star, with one insisting: "You need to find the girl and do a collab."

Some followers are clamouring for a sequel from Cadbury, suggesting: "Cadbury 100% needs to do a remake of this ad." While another admirer couldn't contain their amazement, saying: "The way I thought this was edited or something. Omg brilliant."

"Eyebrows" was crafted to showcase the brand's Dairy Milk chocolate, featuring two kids and their extraordinary eyebrow "dance". Bradley and Georgia were captured against a grey backdrop in a photographer's studio, furiously wiggling their brows.

The advert swiftly rose to fame as one of the most iconic of its time, with fans now eager for its comeback. Perhaps Bradley's viral clips could spark a revival.