Cadbury fans excited as limited edition bar is relaunched and back on shelves

Brits are excited by the return of Cadbury's Twirl Honeycomb Sundae
-Credit: (Image: Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Chocolate enthusiasts across the UK are buzzing that a limited edition Cadbury bar has made a comeback.

The beloved confectionery brand first tantalised taste buds with this unique flavour last year, and due to its roaring success, it's hitting the shelves once more.

Honeycomb Twirls, a staple in Australia, has found its way back into B&M stores, much to the delight of sweet-toothed Brits.

A post from New Foods UK on Facebook showcased the sought-after bars, with it captioned: "Honeycomb Twirls are back at B&M Stores."

Many were left excited, however some people appear to have been on a fruitless hunt for the elusive Twirls. One person moaned: "Every time I go they've sold out or have none! I need these back in my life."

While another expressed similar frustration, commenting: "I looked last week couldn't find any ..was disappointed meh."

Yet, curiosity is piqued among others, with one person musing: "Mmm they could be good!", whilst another eagerly noted: "Will need to look out for these when I go back."

Priced at just £1, the Honeycomb Sundae Twirl is described by Cadbury as featuring "Two bars of honeycomb sundae flavoured swirls and curls coated in Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate."

B&M regulars also highlighted in the comments that the store is offering an Iced Latte version for the same bargain price. This follows the store's recent introduction of another Cadbury gem from New Zealand - the Perky Nana.

In a post shared on Instagram on June 9, B&M announced: "Perky Nana's back by popular demand! Grab yours for just £1.25 all the way from New Zealand! Indulge in this banana-flavoured chew bar, wrapped in luscious Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate. It's a must-try treat! ".

The Perky Nana is a banana-flavoured chew bar that is 'wrapped in luscious' Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate. Previously they were only available to buy online from retailers specialising in foreign sweets and chocolate, which meant they came at a pretty hefty premium.