California Police Officer Breaks Down Door of Burning Home to Rescue Unconscious Man

First responders saved an unconscious man from a house fire in the Northern California city of Grass Valley on February 18, with video showing a police officer kicking in a door to reach the victim, who was burned and exposed to smoke, police said.

A Facebook video released by the Grass Valley Police Department on February 25 shows two officers attempt to enter the house through a front door, but decide against it due to “blinding smoke.” People outside the home tell police that a man named Cory is still inside the house.

One officer then goes around the side of the house, where flames are leaping from a window. He kicks in the door and discovers Cory, who is then dragged to the doorway. Police said the officer and a neighbor carried the man to the lawn, where he was cared for by medics.

The police department said the incident was an example of their team at work. “Our officers were able to demonstrate their dedication to protect and preserve life when they responded to a burning home and the possibility that the resident was trapped inside,” it wrote on Facebook.

The victim was flown to UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento. He is expected to recover, police said. Credit: Grass Valley Police Department via Storyful