People Are Saying Millie Bobby Brown's Recent Comments Are An Example Of Just How Problematic Toxic Masculinity Is. Has It Ever Affected You Or A Loved One?

Millie Bobby Brown recently left the internet feeling a little disappointed after she revealed two men icks she has in an interview with BBC Radio 1.

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Speaking to host Ali Plumb, Millie said she gets the ick when she sees men holding umbrellas — and her most recent is nosebleeds. "This morning I was on a flight with my fiancé (Jake Bongiovi), and he got a nosebleed...and I got the ick," she said during the interview.

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While people did acknowledge Millie's sense of humor about the topic...

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It has been pretty apparent that people aren't supporting the icks she has.

Two comments on a social media post critical of someone endorsing toxic masculinity, with one commenter slightly retracting their statement

Most people simply don't understand them to begin with.

Social media comment expressing confusion about men holding umbrellas being strange

Like, case in point:

Comment thread questioning if staying dry is characteristic of a certain sexuality and a reply mocking the notion

Millie also claimed nosebleeds aren't painful, which is not accurate for everyone.

Commenter expresses frustration towards a person who dislikes nosebleeds, emphasizing the need for support during such incidents
Comment on social media about the discomfort of frequent nosebleeds and considering nasal cauterization

Overall, people just feel ~icky~ that Millie's icks seemed to promote toxic masculinity.

Comment discussing satirical expectations of 'real men,' expressing disbelief and disgust

So, we felt like this would be a good opportunity to ask the BuzzFeed Community to share their experiences of toxic masculinity. Let's spread awareness and expose how ridiculous it can be! In a Reddit thread about the topic, one man shared that he has been called "gay" for saving a kitty:

"I've been called 'gay' for rescuing a starving kitten and taking it to the RSPCA"

Men get made fun of for wearing safety gear:

"Getting made fun of for wearing life safety gear on job sites lmfao."

And also for wearing PURPLE. I can't.

"My favorite color is purple."

So, we want to hear from you — what is a time when you experienced or witnessed toxic masculinity? Tell us your answer below and you may be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post about this issue in society. If you would like to remain anonymous, you can submit your response here.