Villagers say 'blind bends' need measures to improve road safety

A car crashed off the road in Boxworth
A car crashed off the road in Boxworth -Credit:Maria Goldberg

Cambridgeshire residents have called for measures to improve road safety in their village. Campaigners said that blind bends in Boxworth have seen drivers misjudging the bends and crashing off the road.

Maria Goldberg, a road safety campaigner, said she has seen issues in Boxworth for the 17 years she has lived there. She said she would like to see measures like a 20mph zone introduced to slow traffic and make the village roads safer.

"We do have a speeding problem in the village," Mrs Goldberg said. "There has been an awful lot of cars in the ditches in the 17 years I've been here."

She added: "I think what could help in addition to providing proper standard equipment is trying to get people to drive a 20mph limit because our road design is so bendy, which makes it even more precarious."

She said she is also concerned about a mirror installed by a resident on a bend, which gets covered in rain, dew, and dirt.

"I believe this was made for the community as a safety measure," she said. "However, further investigation by myself determines the mirror is not safe."

The mirror installed on a bend in Boxworth
The mirror installed on a bend in Boxworth -Credit:Maria Goldberg

David McCandless, managing director of Community Roadwatch UK CIC (CRW), said he agreed with Ms Goldberg's concerns about roads in Boxworth. He said he was particularly concerned about the blind bend at the School Lane junction.

Mr McCandless shared a report about the junction with CambridgeshireLive which called for signs to be moved, double white lines to be painted down the middle of the road, and the word 'SLOW' to be painted before the junction.

He said: "All of these little things, which when none of them will actually make the road safer in their own right, but together as a package, they would make a massive, significant difference."

The report included feedback from residents, many of whom agreed that a minority of drivers speed through the village. One wrote: "We have lived here for 12 years over which time we have had daily experience of the dangers presented by vehicles travelling too quickly through the village and especially around the bend leading into that junction."

Another wrote: "As a cyclist I am frequently overtaken, particularly inbound on the approach to this blind bend and School Lane – cars apparently unaware of the danger on wrong side of road. I would definitely support no-overtaking measures on the approach to this bend."

A Cambridgeshire County Council spokesperson said: “Safety on our roads is a key priority. We continue to assess safety on all our roads and make changes where appropriate and supported by evidence.

"There have been no recorded injury collisions in Boxworth. Parish Councils and other groups that represent local communities can apply to our Local Highways Improvement programme for funding to address issues in their area – such as speed, parking or road crossings. More information is available on our website."

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