Camila Cabello Says Lana Del Rey Is 'Disarmingly Sweet' After Joining Her for 'I Luv It' at Coachella 2024

The pair delivered the debut performance of Cabello's new single "I Luv It" during Del Rey's headlining set at the music festival on April 19

<p>Gilbert Flores/Billboard/Getty; Taylor Hill/Getty</p> Lana Del Rey and Camila Cabello

Gilbert Flores/Billboard/Getty; Taylor Hill/Getty

Lana Del Rey and Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello is honored to have Lana Del Rey's support.

During Del Rey's headlining set at the second weekend of Coachella 2024 on April 19, the alt-pop superstar surprised the crowd by bringing out Cabello to deliver the debut live performance of her latest single, "I Luv It."

The moment came midway through Del Rey's time on stage, after she performed "Born to Die," as she introduced Cabello to the crowd. Sporting her new signature blonde hair, the Fifth Harmony alum entered the stage with dancers and performed the electropop track, which features Playboi Carti.

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<p>Amy Sussman/WireImage</p> Lana Del Rey in Inglewood, California in March 2023

Amy Sussman/WireImage

Lana Del Rey in Inglewood, California in March 2023

"This is my girl. I have so much fun with her. I love this song to death. Thank you so much angel for coming to sing with me," said Del Rey to Cabello on stage.

After the performance, the "Havana" singer posted to Instagram and shared a photo of the pair as well as footage from Coachella alongside a heartfelt caption.

"not only is @honeymoon a once in a lifetime artist," began Cabello, before referencing Billie Eilish's kind words for Del Rey after joining her during the first weekend of Coachella earlier this month, "billie said it best, she’s the reason for all you bitches existence including me !!!!"

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<p>Emma McIntyre/Getty Images</p> Camila Cabello in Los Angeles in March 2024

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Camila Cabello in Los Angeles in March 2024

"she’s inspired so many artists visually lyrically musically and moved the art form forward but I think you all should know that sometimes it’s good to meet your heroes," she added, "because she is also disarmingly sweet and generous and loving also how is she so god damn pretty holy f---."

"i don’t really know who i would be without female artists like her who show me what’s possible," continued Cabello, noting that Del Rey's taught her "how to be free," "how to be hard and soft at the same time" and "how to make your life a work of art."

"thank you for including us in your moment last night," concluded the note. "i am at your service forever my girl."

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At the first weekend of Coachella 2024, Del Rey surprised the crowd with an appearance from Eilish to perform duet versions of "Video Games" and "Ocean Eyes." Following the set, the "Blue Jeans" singer reflected on the show in an Instagram caption — and called out her former tour manager, claiming he quit about a month before the festival.

"Thank you guys. For f---ing everything," Del Rey wrote. "Jack and John and Billie for showing up for me -and the band for just killing it and spending months in Sylmar in a 40° warehouse to the point but it was so cold that I caught laryngitis that literally left just a few hours before I hit the stage because Tessa DiPietro spent two hours lifting that cough remotely through her body intuitive skills just minutes before showtime, Wally Crowder for my bad as bikes. Every stunning dancer on stage- and Alex for her beautiful choreography. My stunning three singers who danced and sang their asses off in style and high matching boots. Judah + Chelsea 😇."

<p>Matthew Baker/Getty</p> Lana Del Rey performs in London in July 2023

Matthew Baker/Getty

Lana Del Rey performs in London in July 2023

She then thanked "Emily" — referring to Emily Holt — for taking over tour manager duties after "Pete quit for no reason after 15 years," appearing to shade former tour manager Peter Abbott.

Del Rey alleged "he was butt hurt that I got 10 comped bikes for free from Wally" and "decided he was more of a stage designer than a tour manager."

"Never got a phone call probably never will. Still grateful for the 15 years though," she added. "No worries – 37 days was more than enough time to put together an entire headlining set all by ourselves. Not stressful at all. Way to go Emily you f---ing killed it with grace."

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