Canada to ask allies to help cool Saudi dispute; U.S. offers no aid

By David Ljunggren
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    Canada has been rebuffed in recent attempts to engage on the North American Free Trade Agreement with U.S. trade representative Robert Lighthizer amid talks between the Trump administration and Mexico, according to three people with knowledge of the negotiations.

    The Canadian negotiating team, led by Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, has been told that Lighthizer is focusing on negotiations with Mexico and isn’t interested in engaging with Canada at the moment, “The Trump administration has clear frustrations with the Canadian government’s approach to the NAFTA modernization, and we’re now seeing it play out in front of our faces,” Adam Taylor, principal and co-founder at trade advisory firm Export Action Global, said by phone from Ottawa. “We’ve seen virtually overnight Mexico and the U.S. are moving forward and Canada looks left behind and then forced into a position where it has to make a significant set of concessions just to be readmitted to the talks, it seems.”

    While Trump in the past year repeatedly talked about how difficult Canada and Mexico have been since negotiations began last August, he has had more positive things to say about Mexico recently.
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    On the bright side....”
    Saudi Arabia has also ordered roughly 15,000 Saudis studying in Canada to leave.”
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    "Saudi Arabia has also ordered roughly 15,000 Saudis studying in Canada to leave."
    This was the most pleasant outcome of this rift.
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    WELL I GOOD THING IS HAPPENING: Saudi Arabia has given Over 15,000 muslim students a Month to get out of Canada. Finally Canada is moving in the right direction, if more leave than for sure it will be Sunni ways for Canada and the Canadian People. Lets start a Go Fund Me to Pay For their 1 way out of the country Tickets.
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    close ally the United States made clear it would not get involved.
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    glen randy
    THIS IS THE RESULT, WHEN ONE COUNTRY TRIES TO TELL ANOTHER COUNTRY HOW TO RUN IT'S AFFAIRS.......they have their rules, we have ours......we have no right to dictate our beliefs to any other sovereign nation.
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    I think what's most telling is not one of Canada's allies have come forward with their support for Canada. All are sitting quietly on the sidelines. That's where Canada ranks in the world. It reflects the weak leader we have. The fact that JT has received no support from our European or American allies speaks volumes.
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    Jane Doe
    It's fairly clear. If Trudeau would simply stop asserting his great virtue on other cultures, there would be no problem. Somebody needs to tell him that he only governs Canada. Not sure he'd listen, though.
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    This isn't just about a tweet. This is about Saudi anger about how Canada handled that sale of armoured vehicles.
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    Of course Trump won't get involved..... If Canada cuts off the LAV contract, the US will sell a similar unit to them. If Canada cuts off Saudi oil imports, Canada will have to go to the US for oil.

    Both of which results in less votes for Gump in the next election which I like.

    Trump is just laughing as he is just as tired of Forrest trying to force his sense of morality into trade agreements as are other countries.