'Cancel Netflix account’ searches soar amid password sharing crackdown

The streaming service is clamping down on people sharing passwords with others outside of their homes

The Netflix logo (Credit: Netflix)
Netflix is cracking down on password sharing. (Netflix)

Online searches for “cancel Netflix account” have skyrocketed by 2,939% in the UK amid the streaming giant’s crackdown on password sharing.

Netflix has made it clear to account holders that Netflix accounts are for them and the people they live with, and is notifying users that they must pay an extra £4.99 a month if they want to share their account with someone outside their homes.

Comparison site KingCasinoBonus has now said that analysis of Google search data has shown that online interest in the term “cancel Netflix account” has soared by 2,939%.

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Other searches that have seen a surge include "Cancel Netflix subscription" (2,400%), "Cancel Netflix" (753%) and "Delete Netflix" (705%).

Stranger Things is one of the streaming service's biggest shows. (Netflix)
Stranger Things is one of the streaming service's biggest shows. (Netflix)

Meanwhile, searches for “Netflix password sharing” rose by 1,469% as UK-based account holders look to see that the changes will mean to them.

KingCasinoBonus CEO Ionut Catalin Marin said of the findings: “Netflix’s plan to target password-sharing users is aimed at encouraging more people to subscribe. However, users appear to have been turned off by this move.

"These findings show a staggering rise in Netflix users looking to cancel their accounts. As the cost of living crisis continues to hit UK households, this change may encourage users to switch off for good”.

Many people who use the streaming service have expressed disappointment about the move.

One tweeted: “Guess we will be giving up Netflix soon bc of the password sharing stuff. So annoying.”

Bridgerton has been a huge hit for Netflix. (Netflix)
Bridgerton has been a huge hit for Netflix. (Netflix)

“I haven’t paid for Netflix in like a decade and now that they’re finally gonna get rid of password sharing I guess they finally got us where they want us: never paying for Netflix ever,” said another.

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“I use to like watching @netflix, your service isn’t worth it #disappointed,” said another.

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