Cancer Patient Hits Out At Facebook After It Takes Down An Awareness-Raising Photo


A woman with Stage 4 breast cancer has hit out at Facebook over censorship after it removed an awareness-boosting picture of her nipple.

The ‘potentially life saving’ image was removed by the social network as it violated its anti-nudity policy.

Rowena Kincaid, 40, had shared the image of a rash around her nipple to show that lumps aren’t the only indicators of breast cancer.

Speaking in a post on her Facebook page called ‘Before I Kick The Bucket’, Kincaid said: “Facebook notified me that it has automatically taken down my last post down due to nudity rules. It violates their code of practice.

“It doesn’t see what the reason behind it is, it’s just automatic. It can’t see that the picture I posted earlier, may actually save lives”.


The original image showing a red rash was posted in 23 January. [Rowena Kincaid/Facebook]

Kincaid was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 when she was just 33 and was told in 2013 that the disease is terminal.

After Facebook removed the image, Kincaid got around it by posting a new version with a cartoon face obscuring the nipple.


To get around Facebook’s anti-nudity policy, Kincaid posted a second pic with a cartoon face obscuring the nipple. [Rowena Kincaid/Facebook]

Kincaid explained in a post: “I just want to alert you to something which includes men, (who it can happen too as well) so, you may spot it on your partners! What you are looking at is a rash on the chest, around an imaginary nipple, & in my case it is definitely cancer. In this example it’s also quite severe. Breast Cancer can present itself in this way….not necessarily around the nipple, but anywhere in the chest or breast area”.

The original photo now appears to have be reinstated on Kincaid’s Facebook page.

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