Candidates' race for Congressional District 5

Mar. 12—LIMA — The U.S. Congressional District 5 seat is on the Republican primary ballot. Incumbent candidate Bob Latta (R-OH) is running against Robert Owsiak Jr. Latta has served in the district since 2007. Owsiak currently works as a paramedic and is a father of four. According to the Ohio district map, the fifth district serves Mercer, Van Wert, Paulding, Putnam, Henry, Wood, Hancock, Seneca, Wyandot, Crawford, Huron and Lorain counties.


If re-elected, Latta hopes to address issues including the economy and the border.

"When you are out talking to Americans, and anybody in my district, the two top issues that always come up are the economy and southern border," Latta said. "If we don't secure our border, we're going to continue to see the problem with fentanyl. We had over 73,000 people die in the United States, in 2022 from fentanyl — that is why the House Republicans passed HR 2. It was making sure that we have more Border Patrol out there and we continue the construction of the wall."

Latta also said he currently serves on the Energy and Commerce Committee and the Chair of Communications and Technology subcommittee.

Owsiak said although he has never held public office he wanted to help bring a change to the government. the candidate hopes to use his experience from work to the office.

"Being a paramedic, I see the struggles every day with mental health and drug problems," Owsiak said. "I think I could bring a unique perspective when it comes to that kind of thing. I'm big on mental health. I think we as a nation need to get past the stigma that is attached to it so that people are more willing to get help."

Owsiak also said he hopes to address the border.

Plans if elected

If elected, Owsiak hopes to address issues that matter to the people.

"I'm running out a Republican card, but I look at every issue independently," Owsiak said. "It does not matter what the Republican Party, any politician or lobbyists says, I am going to do what is best for my constituents. I will not blindly follow any political lines."

If re-elected, Latta hopes to continue to serve.

"I believe in being a true public servant, and that's putting the people first, not yourself," Latta said. And I want to again represent this district. I am a firm believer in being out all the time because I have to be out to be able to hear what the concerns are of the constituents of the district."

The primary election will be held on Tuesday, March 19.

The candidate chosen for the Republican party will be on the ballot in the general election later this year.

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