Cara Delevingne's Twitter posts Ashley Benson split tweet in apparent hack

Megan C. Hills
Getty Images for PUMA

Cara Delevingne appears to be the latest star to fall victim to a social media hack, as a string of odd tweets posted last night - including a break up announcement - have been deleted.

The tweets, which included a sketchy iPhone giveaway and claim that she was “turning straight” went up at 9.30pm Pacific Time before they were deleted shortly afterwards.

The tweets have since been deleted and currently, the latest tweets are promotional retweets of her appearance on Bear Grylls’ show Running Wild.

Delevingne's account had tweeted out a number of statements, including “I think I’m turning straight.”

Cara Delevingne (right) with Ashley Benson (Getty Images)

Delevingne has publicly spoken about living as a bisexual woman and has been dating Pretty Little Liars actress Ashley Benson since 2018. One of the tweets posted last night read, “Me and Ashley broke up.”

The tweet has since been deleted and the Evening Standard has reached out to Delevingne’s team for comment. According to the Daily Mail, another tweet included a link to a website and the message, “GIVING AWAY 1000 IPHONE 11 Pro’s and much more since I love you so much.”

JustJared also reported that another tweet included a link to a Venmo page, an American digital payment portal, asking for donations.

While Delevingne did not address the apparent hack, some fans on Twitter believe the pair have indeed broken up. One wrote, “I almost cried after learning that ashley benson and cara delevingne broke up.”

Another wrote, “cara delevingne and ashley benson broke up????? love is FAKE.”

Other stars have had their social media accounts hacked in the past. In July Jessica Alba’s account began to post racist, anti-semitic, homophobic and ableist comments in July, which included a claim that “Nazi Germany did nothing wrong.”

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey (Getty Images)

Ironically, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account was also hacked by a team called the Chuckle Squad.

In August, Dorsey’s account began to tweet out messages similar in nature to the ones Alba’s hackers did as well as dropping hints of “a bomb at Twitter HQ” - which prompted Twitter to reveal that his “phone number associated with the account was compromised” and that they had investigated the bomb threat which was “not credible.”