All the Cardiff places Taylor Swift's entourage visited on their one day in Wales

Taylor Swift performs on stage during "Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour" at Principality Stadium on June 18, 2024 in Cardiff, Wales
-Credit: (Image: Shirlaine Forrest/Getty Images)

Taylor Swift's entourage of people travelling the world with her on The Eras Tour have visited some incredible places- from Australia to Scotland, and taken in some of the world's best sights along the way. Their latest stop is Cardiff, where it looks like her dancers in particular had an amazing time visiting different corners of the city.

Two dancers have posted about the trip on social media, singing the capital's praises, and it is safe to say that Cardiff has left them with a positive impression of Wales and the people here.

The group posted about enjoying several different areas- from classic tourist spots such as Cardiff Bay to the lesser known Cardiff Lawn Tennis Club, so we have pinpointed all the places they have posted about, to see whereabouts in the city they have been mingling during the time they spent in Wales. Get your limited edition Taylor Swift OK! glossy mag here

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The Ferris wheel at Cardiff Bay

Dancer Sydney Moss was pictured next to the Ferris wheel at Cardiff Bay and used this as the first image for an Instagram post, where she captioned a series of photos, 'CARDIFF!' in block capitals with a variety of emojis to illustrate her trip. They were lucky with the weather as well, as this was the first of several sunny snaps from their time in the city.

The Pierhead Building

The Pierhead Building, Cardiff Bay.
The Pierhead Building, which is part of the estate of the Senedd. -Credit:David Lloyd/UGC

It looked as though the dancers spent lots of time by the water, and possibly went for a stroll to the Pierhead building, which is part of the estate of the Senedd at the same time as checking out the Ferris wheel, as a shot of this was also shared by Sydney in the same post.

Hub box

Outside of American-style restaurant in Cardiff Bay selling a street food-style menu
Hub Box in Cardiff Bay -Credit:Hub Box PR

Also shared in Sydney on her Instagram roundup was a picture of some amazing looking burgers, which has matching paper to what Hub Box, a restaurant on the bay selling American-inspired street food and drinks. Conveniently located on the waterfront at Mermaid Quay, it is easy to see why you'd choose to go here if you were visiting the city for the first time, as they do the ultimate comfort food, as well as offer attractive views of the area.

Cardiff Lawn Tennis Club

Eras Tour dancer at tennis club in Cardiff
Kameron Saunders, who is one of the dancers on the Eras Tour pictured at Cardiff Lawn Tennis club -Credit:Sydney Moss (Instagram: @sydneymoss)

It seems that tennis is a big part of tour life for Taylor and her entourage, as pictures of Kameron Saunders and other people part of the Eras Tour also shared moments on Instagram of them enjoying some time at Cardiff Lawn Tennis Club, including musician Joey Mullen and musical artist Mike Meadows who is also part of the band which performs on the tour. Taylor herself has also recently been seen enjoying a spot of tennis, during her time on tour, with a clip of her on a court shared in a video posted on her official YouTube account.

Cadwaladers ice cream

Eras Tour dancer with ice cream in Cardiff Bay
Taylor Swift's entourage also had a chance to grab an ice cream from Cardiff Bay's Cadwaladers -Credit:Sydney Moss (Instagram: @sydneymoss)

Taylor's entourage clearly had a great time in the bay, with a picture of Kameron standing outside the ice cream shop, Cadwaladers holding a tub of ice cream.

Voco St Davids

Hotel overlooking Cardiff Bay- Voco St David's
Voco St David’s in Cardiff Bay is the brand’s first European hotel and only the second in the world, with the other one being in Australia -Credit:Publicity Picture

It's easy to see why people on the showbiz scene might stay in Voco St David's Hotel, which has a history of being popular with different celebrities. One clip also posted by Sydney shows one of the Eras Tour dancers Tamiya Lewis peering down into the recognisable hotel entrance from a higher level.

Royal Arcade

Taylor Swift's Eras Tour entourage in Cardiff arcades
Some members of Taylor Swift's entourage pictured in one of Cardiff's arcades -Credit:Karen Schuang (Instagram: @karenschuang)

It was great to see that one of the key landmarks which add to Cardiff's special identity- the Victorian and Edwardian arcades, didn't bypass Taylor's entourage. Karen Schuang, who is also an Eras Tour dancer wrote in an Instagram post summarising her visit to the city: "Royal Arcade Cardiff- So fun poking through different stores here! We spent lots of time in Welcome Things, and found cute handcrafted gifts to bring home."

Cardiff Castle

Karen also noted in the same post: "Some touristy highlights: Cardiff Castle - I always enjoy learning about important landmarks and their place in history. I also enjoy being a silly tourist with Nat, as demonstrated in the first photo." The image shows Karen and another dancer on the Eras Tour, Natalie Lecznar posing at the iconic landmark, and a second one also shows some of Taylor's entourage also walking up the steps towards the Norman keep in the grounds of the city centre castle.

The wetlands

Cardiff Bay wetlands
The wetlands, which are a hidden gem feature of Cardiff Bay- and a great place to unwind and connect with nature -Credit:David Lloyd- UGC

A more unusual tourist stop-off that also got a visit from some of the people on tour with Taylor was the Cardiff wetlands. While it might sound like this spot is a little off the beaten track for visitors to Cardiff to stumble across, as they are based next to Cardiff wetlands, it seems likely that they came across this beautiful part of the city while strolling around and exploring the bay area- where the hotel is located.

Karen added in her Instagram roundup, where she sang the praises of all that Cardiff has to offer in a sweet message about the city: "The stroll through the wetlands is easy and beautiful. I chat with a sweet and kind local who told me all about the goslings and swans that live here. THANK YOU CARDIFF for a lovely time.”

The building on Bute Crescent

The building which has been admired by one of Taylor Swift's dancers on the Eras Tour for the attractive tiles on the side of it
Building on Bute Street, in Cardiff Bay, which has a curved edge with blue tiles on it which some people might miss- but one of the Eras Tour dancers picked up on and wrote about in an Instagram post as she sang the praises of the city and buildings in it -Credit:Google

Wherever Taylor Swift, and her team, travel- the city has left a lasting impression. Although the singer and her entourage are continuing with the massive tour in other parts of the world, for any Swifties visiting Cardiff or live locally who followed Taylor and her entourage's movements while they were here- they might be looking at different areas with fresh eyes, like the building on the bay with beautiful tiles that those who walk past it regularly might not have noticed before.

This is because a structure on Bute Crescent, across from the Millenium Centre was also featured on Karen's Instagram post- and is home to businesses like Juboraj Deli, Quantum Coffee, Guy Christian, Well Pharmacy and Sainsbury's- which also has flats above it. The dancer seemed thoroughly impressed with the complex, which also has Queens Gate tunnel running underneath it, noting: "The funky buildings - I noticed some buildings used a lot of mixed materials, which made them unique and memorable. I particularly liked this one with brick and tile."