Ten Killed As Cargo Plane Crashes In Ghana

Ten Killed As Cargo Plane Crashes In Ghana

A cargo plane has crashed near the international airport in Ghana's capital and then hit a bus, killing at least 10 people, officials have said.

The Allied Air Boeing 727 was trying to take-off when it smashed through the airport's perimeter fence and struck the vehicle that was full of passengers on a nearby street, witnesses said.

The plane had been coming in to land from the Nigerian city, Lagos, when it overshot the runway.

Ghana's airport operator confirmed in a statement that "flight number DHV 111, cargo aircraft, operating from Lagos to Accra, has overshot the runway on landing on Saturday June 2, at 7:10pm local time."

It added that "the crew of four people on board all survived the accident and are currently receiving treatment at the airport clinic. The aircraft collided with a minivan, resulting in 10 confirmed fatalities."

The badly mangled bus was next to the plane wreckage, and 10 bodies lay nearby, according to one witness.

Ambulances, police and military were at the scene of the incident near the Kotoka International Airport in Accra, a senior military officer said.

Ghana's Vice President John Dramani Mahama said a thorough investigation would be carried out.

"No early conclusions should be drawn," he said before heading toward the scene of the accident.

"We should allow investigations to arrive at the actual cause of the accident. But I can assure Ghanaians that the situation is under control."