Carley Stenson too cold to wear revealing outfits

Carley Stenson is on Dancing On Ice credit:Bang Showbiz
Carley Stenson is on Dancing On Ice credit:Bang Showbiz

Carley Stenson is too cold to wear sexy outfits on 'Dancing On Ice'.

The 40-year-old actress - who has 20-month-old daughter Skye with husband Danny Mac - is proud of the way her body has transformed thanks to the gruelling training schedule for the competition and though she's "hungry" to flaunt her figure in skimpy clothing, she admitted it isn't very practical at the moment.

She told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: “It is so funny because I got sent some beautiful revealing outfits and I’m hungry to wear them, but you are on the ice all the time — I’m blooming freezing!

“Even after the show, I’ve got these gorgeous dresses, but we are outside in the marquee and everyone is keeping their coats on.

“So I’m desperate to feel a bit sexier again in my old outfits, but it’s too cold to wear them.

“I love looking leaner and feeling stronger. Internally everything seems tighter and stronger, which feels amazing.

I’m fitter too, and it’s great to be able to run around after my daughter. I just feel better.

“After giving birth to Skye I bought bigger clothes to chill myself out and not put too much pressure on myself.

“But I am now starting to fit in the clothes that I was wearing before, so I’ve been quite happy.”

While Danny appreciates the changes in his wife, the couple don't see each other much at the moment because he is starring in a West End production of 'Pretty Woman: The Musical'.

Carley said: “It’s nice if I’m awake enough when he comes home. Now I’m just so shattered. But he is enjoying my confidence that’s come with it and he’s enjoying just seeing me shine, thrive and buzz. I’m just buzzing all the time because I’m getting to dance. It’s just feeling fit and getting the blood pumping.

“It releases endorphins and just makes you grab life with both hands. It’s brilliant.”

And the former 'Hollyoaks' star admitted she is "too scared" to enjoy her newfound fitness because she's worry about keeping it up when she finishes on 'Dancing On Ice'.

She said: “I’m too scared to really enjoy that because I know that the minute I’m out of the competition I’ll be like, ‘What can I do to stay this way now?’.

"I need to get back into my running shoes.

But I’m loving every time we finish the routine and we’re out of breath and we’re knackered and I’m trying to catch my breath.

"I love that feeling as I know I’m working hard.

“I’m really enjoying sweating on the ice, I’m really enjoying the workout that I’m getting.”