BBC Breakfast's Carol Kirkwood speaks out on Naga Munchetty feud rumours

The weather presenter says she and the BBC Breakfast host enjoy exchanging 'banter'.

Carol Kirkwood
Carol Kirkwood has denied rumours of a feud between her and BBC Breakfast's Naga Munchetty. (Getty Images)

Carol Kirkwood has insisted she loves her BBC Breakfast co-star Naga Munchetty and any exchange of words between them is just "banter".

There has been speculation on social media from viewers that there may be some tension between the 60-year-old weather presenter and the 47-year-old show host but Kirkwood has dismissed the feud rumours.

Asked in an interview with The Sun if they get on Kirkwood said: "We absolutely do.

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"I love Naga and we just have banter. I love the camaraderie between us and everyone. It’s a good, fun job."

Naga Munchetty appearing on A Question Of Sport. (BBC)
Naga Munchetty and Carol Kirkwood exchange banter on air. (BBC)

Rumours of tension between the two TV presenters has arisen in recent months after several on-air exchanges, including Kirkwood mispronouncing Munchetty's name.

The weather reporter said live on the show back in November 2022: "The winds will be lighter, just a few showers coming in from the north-west and temperatures ranging from nine to 13 degrees, Nana."

Kirkwood quickly added: "Naga, sorry, we’ve got a producer called Nana."

Munchetty responded: "You say that every single time. And I come and visit you and have a cup of tea."

On Christmas Day Munchetty accused Kirkwood of being "stern" with her over the weather report.

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She said: "Carol... I think we're never allowed to ask you about snow on Christmas Day. You always kind of have that really stern look whenever I ask... Doesn't she?"

And when the first coins bearing the face of King Charles III were released in December, Munchetty appeared to make a joke about Kirkwood's age.

BBC Breakfast presenters Naga Munchetty, Ben Thompson, Carol Kirkwood and Charlie Stayt at the TRIC Awards 2017.
BBC Breakfast presenters Naga Munchetty, Ben Thompson, Carol Kirkwood and Charlie Stayt at the TRIC Awards 2017. (Getty Images)

The BBC Breakfast host remarked: "There’s the nostalgia. “Carol, do you know that feeling?

“Do you remember you’d get really excited because you’d have a new picture of the Royal Family or a special minted coin. You’d be excited about it and you’d keep it and not spend it.”

Kirkwood replied: “That’s absolutely right and when the new coins came out as well I remember that.

“We lost the thrup’nny bit and we picked up a half pence and a one pence.”

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