Carol Vorderman shares freezing beauty treatment

Carol tried cryotherapy. (Getty)
Carol tried cryotherapy. (Getty)

Carol Vorderman stripped down to a bikini for an unusual beauty treatment.

The Countdown star, 60, decided to give cryotherapy a go and documented it on social media for her army of devoted followers.

The clips show Vorderman braving the chilly chamber, which is thought to help with pain relief, skin conditions and a host of other ailments.

As she steps inside she starts to breathe heavily then screams as the cold really hits her.

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Shivering, she tells herself it's just for three minutes and, as she is jigging up and down, she tries to imagine she is "lying on a warm beach in Wales".

"I made it!" she exclaims when the timer is up, adding: "That's cold!"

Vorderman captioned the post: " a bikini and furry boots and thermal it down to MINUS 196C today.....omg three minutes for healing and health.....loved it actually.... Stops me being a wuss."

The star's fans were impressed by the way she handled the cold.

Carol Vorderman. (Carol Vorderman Instagram)
Carol Vorderman. (Carol Vorderman Instagram)

"No way I could do that!" confessed one, while another wrote: "Yeah, not a chance you’d get me doing that. I’m not a cold fan."

"Thought this was 'Extreme Countdown' for a second," quipped another.

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Vorderman is a huge favourite on Instagram, where she has 159,000 followers.

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