Carrie Symonds helps rally faithful against Labour's local boy in Boris Johnson's backyard

Sophia Sleigh
Carrie Symonds campaigning in Uxbridge for general election: Carrie Symonds/Twitter

“Boris is all right. I like him. I’m going to vote for Boris. He has tried to get Brexit done,” says Lisa Brailey as she opens up her cafe in Hillingdon.

She is in the 56.36 per cent of Boris Johnson’s west London constituents who voted to leave the European Union.

The 53-year-old said she feels “done over” with Brexit still not resolved after more than three years, adding: “You lose a bit of hope.”

The Prime Minister is defending a majority of just 5,034 in Uxbridge and South Ruislip after it was slashed in half at the 2017 snap general election. A swing of just 5 per cent to Labour on Thursday could lose him the seat.

Boris Johnson campaigning in Uxbridge

Left-wing group Momentum has laid siege to the west London constituency in a bid to unseat Mr Johnson, knocking on “tens of thousands” of doors.

One evening the police were called out after 350 activists unexpectedly all turned up to go out canvassing at South Ruislip station for the Labour candidate Ali Milani.

Labour Party politician Ali Reza Milani (Lucy Young)

The Prime Minister is said to have been in the seat at least once a week throughout the campaign and was at a local school’s prize giving event when he received the phone call about the attack on London Bridge.

He has the smallest majority of any prime minister since 1924 but Uxbridge and South Ruislip has had a Conservative MP since its creation in 2010.

Boris Johnson campaigning in Uxbridge

Linda, 57, and John Hughes, 61, both out Christmas shopping, said they will be voting for Mr Johnson.

Mr Hughes, who worked in construction, said: “I have voted Labour in the past. But I think I will vote Conservative this time.

“Boris is saying he is going to sort out Brexit. Everyone is so fed up with it — I know we both just want it to be over.”

Boris Johnson campaigning in Uxbridge (Conservative party)

Heathrow airport is in the neighbouring constituency and could prove a controversial subject for the Prime Minister.

As mayor, Mr Johnson vowed to lie down in front of bulldozers to stop the runway but was absent when Parliament voted for the project last year.

Mr Milani, 25, hopes his credentials as a former president of Brunel University’s student union will help pull in thousands of votes.

Ali Milani and local trader, Glyn Cradduck (Lucy Young)

Charlie Ward, 26, who works in family business Bill The Baker in Hillingdon, plans to vote Labour: “I can’t stand Boris Johnson, I can’t stand the Conservatives. They will destroy the country.

“I did vote to leave the EU. But to be honest I didn’t really know what I was voting for. The price of ingredients will go up a lot and people will have less money to spend. So many lies have been told.”

Student Laura Dennis, 19, said she is also considering voting Labour: “We’ve got children eating from foodbanks. What are the Conservatives doing about it?”

Sipping sparkling water in Costa next to Uxbridge Underground station, Mr Milani describes himself as the “antithesis of Boris”.

Millennial Milani was born in Iran and moved to the UK aged five. He was brought up on a council estate by his mother. He is a councillor and has worked in the charity sector.

Ali Milani and local trader, Glyn Cradduck (Lucy Young)

He said: “Just imagine if a sitting prime minister loses their seat for the first time in history. I really think it would be quite an extraordinary story. Him being beaten by someone local, working class who grew up on a council estate. Stranger things have happened.”

Retired street trader Glyn Cradduck, 65, from Ruislip shakes Mr Milani’s hand outside and says: “I’m still undecided. I’m hedging my bets. I want to see which one is best for me.

“Normally I’m staunch Conservative. I’m very much a leave voter. I just want to get out. Get it over and done with.

“I don’t mind Boris. I’ve met Boris a few times. He’s not the fool he makes out as far as I’m concerned.”

Local Tories remain confident the former Mayor of London — who always draws a crowd on the high street — will retain his seat.

Mr Johnson’s partner Carrie Symonds has been pictured campaigning in the constituency with the couple’s dog Dilyn while Stanley Johnson has also been knocking on doors for his son.

The Tory leader of Hillingdon council, Ray Puddifoot, says: “It’s going very well. Our pledge base is better than we thought it would be. It’s looking pretty good.

“If Labour were serious about taking out Boris in this constituency they would have genuinely put up a more experienced candidate with a track record of really doing something.”

Boris Johnson campaigning in Uxbridge

Rumours abound that plans are in place should Mr Johnson face the ultimate nightmare before Christmas in winning the election but losing his seat.

They say Dominic Raab would represent Mr Johnson temporarily in the Commons while a Tory MP is asked to step up to the Lords.

But YouGov’s MRP modelling on November 27 predicts the Prime Minister is on course to win his seat, grading the constituency as a “likely” Conservative” hold.