Casualty fans are calling for THIS character to make a comeback and 'kick Patrick out'

 Embargo 19/03/24 Patrick has his work cut out for him as Casualty's new clinical lead. .
Embargo 19/03/24 Patrick has his work cut out for him as Casualty's new clinical lead. .

Casualty viewers want to see a familiar face back on screens to help deal with new Clinical Lead Patrick Onley (played by Jamie Glover).

In the latest instalment of Casualty (which aired Saturday 27th April 2024) Patrick came under fire after Dylan Keogh (William Beck) questioned him about a patient's death.

Patrick has proved unpopular with viewers of the long-standing medical drama, who are calling for a former character to come in and 'kick Patrick out.'

'They need guy henry aka hannsen to make a comeback i know he was officially holby but they often crossed shows he needs to kick Patrick out!' wrote one fan on X (formerly Twitter).

While another said, 'This would be unbelievably amazing! Petition for Henrik to sort Patrick out!'

And another fan replied, 'Yes! This NEEDS to happen!'

And another wrote, 'Patrick telling Stevie she's in charge (again) and then undermining her and Dylan. I seriously hope he is only temporary and we'll be getting Stevie as Clinical Lead properly very soon.'

While another wrote, 'I saw the actor that plays Dylan near work recently (didn’t go up to him, it was early & I resembled a troll), if I’d seen tonight’s ep & then saw him, I’d have gone up to him, told him he’s a brill actor, Patrick needs to leave & we are ready for the fictional fight.'

While another wrote, 'Today’s #Casualty was really good. I feel like Breaking Point has finally kicked into gear and I think the next 6 weeks are going to be really good. And I feel even more convinced now that Patrick will be gone after this block of episodes.'

Watch this space...

Tune in next week on Saturday 4th May to find out what's next in store for Patrick and the rest of the residents of Holby ED.

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