Cat shows off ninja-like skills as it dodges snowballs


As the snow continues to transform the UK into a winter wonderland, thousands of people have been left wondering how they’ll get to work, or even when it will finally disappear.

Crucially though, not everyone seems to mind.

If this clip is anything to go by, it seems that cats are big fans of the snow, somewhat unexpectedly, and they’re only too willing to show off their impressive agility in the wintry conditions.

In the clip, captured by Twitter user Katie Brown, the black and white feline is seen facing snowball shaped annihilation as a perfectly shaped missile heads in its direction, complete with a payload capable of causing some serious winter chills.

But this cat isn’t having it, and instead opts to make an impressive jump into the air, catching the snowball perfectly with its paws before bringing it to the ground.

Impressive skills… (Twitter)
Impressive skills… (Twitter)

It’s an impressive skill, and one that shows a rather more appealing side to the wintry chaos across the UK.

Last night, London and the South East were the latest areas to be heavily hit.

The capital is waking up to quite a covering of snow this morning, as is much of the east coast’, Met Office forecaster Helen Roberts said.

‘We’ve seen a couple of hours of really heavy snow in London, which was enough to give a few centimetres. Further north has seen even more snow, and the disruption is likely to continue throughout the morning in these areas.

‘It will also be another bitterly cold day – even colder than yesterday, with a stronger wind chill.’

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