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Michael Conroy/AP
Michael Conroy/AP

1️⃣ Historic deal: Caitlin Clark has a new achievement that hasn’t been accomplished since Michael Jordan. The WNBA star signed a multiyear deal with the league’s official basketball supplier, making her the first female athlete to have her own collection with Wilson.

2️⃣ Overtourism: A small Japanese town put up a barrier to block an Instagrammable view of Mount Fuji. The photo spot became so popular with visitors that it was causing problems for locals.

3️⃣ Oppressive heat: As vast parts of Florida sweltered over the weekend, a South Florida TV meteorologist criticized the state’s new “Don’t Say Climate Change” law and urged his viewers to vote.

4️⃣ Prized possession: The world’s most expensive feather sold at a New Zealand auction, smashing estimates. It came from a long-extinct bird last officially spotted in the early 20th century.

5️⃣ Celestial connection: Is there a link between Stonehenge and the moon? This summer, archaeologists are using a little-known lunar phenomenon to investigate as part of their work to understand why the monument was built.

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🦑 Under the sea: Rare footage shows one of the largest deep-water squids in the world attacking a camera. Previously, scientists have had difficulty capturing the mysterious creature in its natural habitat.

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Aaron Wessling/Courtesy of Jordan Schnitzer Family Foundation
Aaron Wessling/Courtesy of Jordan Schnitzer Family Foundation

📸 Beholden to brands: Artist Hank Willis Thomas explores the dangerous power of advertising and iconography and how corporations use consumers’ identities for financial growth.

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🎧 Viral cultural moment: What can we learn from the first great rap battle of the streaming age? The beef between Kendrick Lamar and Drake is unlike many others. CNN’s Audie Cornish and Lisa Respers France dive in.

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😴 Warning sign: Horrific nightmares and “daymares” may suggest the onset of certain chronic diseases, a new study says. Here’s what doctors and patients need to know.

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By age 7, Dorothy Jean Tillman was doing high school work. At 14, she got her master’s degree. At 17, Tillman earned her doctorate from Arizona State University. The Chicago teen credits her mother as one of her greatest motivators.

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