Catherine Corcoran, Justin Miles, Doug Jones, Dee Wallace & Krsy Fox Board Matthew Hersh Horror ‘If It Bleeds’

EXCLUSIVE: Catherine Corcoran, Justin Miles, Doug Jones, Dee Wallace and Krsy Fox are starring in If it Bleeds, an indie horror pic from first-time director Matthew Hersh.

The film has been quietly filming and is nearing completion, billed as an “anthology-style crime thriller” from Hersh, whose Night of the Missing with director Samuel Gonzalez Jr is currently topping the Cineverse streaming platform Screambox after launch in December.

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In If if Bleeds, genre actor Corcoran (Terrifier, Return to Nuke Em High) as young and ambitious news reporter Diane Winters and her cameraman Simon, played by Miles (Adult Swim’s Yule Log, The Hill), as they uncover a mysterious series of gruesome murders that unfold throughout the course of a chaotic and violent day. As events unfold, the duo become players in a sinister situation even more menacing than either one could have imagined.

Horror icons Jones (Hellboy, The Shape of Water) and Wallace (E.T. The Extra Terrestrial, Cujo) will also star, the former as a plastic surgeon, as will actor and musician Fox (Underwater Evolution, Bury the Bride). Wallace and Fox are consulting producers.

Allison Victoria-Wolfe and Doug Hawley are among the producers, with Gonzalez Jr. directing an additional segment.

”To have so many genre greats believe in me and trust me with the story I wanted to tell with this film at such an early stage of my career was truly surreal,” said Hersh. “I figured what better way to dive into the horror genre than through the eyes of a news reporter in the field seeing and facing the horrors of humanity unfold in front of her very own eyes.”

“Ever a champion of independent filmmakers, I was thrilled when Matthew invited me to come along on this next phase of his creative journey,” added Corcoran Diane’s story is universal in that we all have the need to be seen and valued, and I can’t wait for the world to see how our incredible cast and crew bring that theme to life.”

“Getting to play a quirky cosmetic surgeon was a treat enough for me,” said Jones. “But under Mathew Hersh’s careful direction and witty writing, that treat was sweetened all the more. Add to that the professional, efficient crew, the joy of acting opposite the thoughtful and hilarious Krsy Fox, and this filming experience was dang near perfect.”

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