I caught my boss and a co-worker making out — should I say something?

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An employee inquired what to do after she caught her boss and coworker making out.

I caught my boss in a compromising position with someone on the staff outside of work. They both know I saw them, but neither has said anything. It makes me very uncomfortable. Should I say something to either of them? Should I go to HR? Should I let it go?

Well, this is a fine mess, but not one of your making.

It would have been easier if your boss and co-worker didn’t know you caught them. Then you could have reported it to HR or anonymously without fear of them knowing it was you.

Which doesn’t mean you still don’t report them. It just makes it more complicated for you.

I wouldn’t confront either of them directly, but whether or not you report what you discovered is a tough call.

Are they having an affair or are they single and in love? Do they plan to go public? Will one of them transfer or leaving the company?

Many variables to consider before you jump into action.

Perhaps wait to see how things play out before making a decision, but if the situation persists and creates an uncomfortable and unprofessional environment then you should talk to HR.

A small business owner is ready to ditch his Italian deli for a consulting firm. Getty Images
A small business owner is ready to ditch his Italian deli for a consulting firm. Getty Images

I was a deli owner for 25 years, but would like to start a small consulting business. I think I could be helpful for small business owners. I’d appreciate any advice you might have for me.

It’s so hard to find a good deli nowadays.

I worked in an Italian deli in my youth and loved the aromas — sharp provolone, Parmigiano Reggiano, hunky slabs of prosciutto, and soppressata begging to be sliced.

Those establishments are few and far between today, so if you can help small business owners launch and expand those type of delis I’m all in with helping you.

As you know, making a living as a small business owner is not easy, with slim profit margins and difficulty in finding and retaining staff.

Small business owners can turn to numerous free and low-cost government resources to support small business owners, such as Small Business Administration, Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce, to name just a few.

If you want to assist the next generation of mortadella slicers, maybe start through an organization like this.

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