CBeebies viewers significantly older than usual as Harry Styles reads Bedtime Story

Harry Styles joins the list of celebrity CBeebies Bedtime Story readers. (BBC)
Harry Styles joined the list of celebrity CBeebies Bedtime Story readers. (BBC)

It's a programme meant to lull preschoolers to sleep, but the CBeebies Bedtime Story drew in a much older crowd than usual on Monday as Harry Styles fans excitedly tuned in.

The singer has recently headlined Coachella and has just released highly-anticipated new album Harry's House, but on Monday evening the only place to be for Styles fans was sitting in front of toddler TV.

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Styles, 28, was the latest celebrity to read the Bedtime Story for the BBC kids' channel, and while younger viewers may well have enjoyed their storytime as usual, many of those tuning in were significantly older than the target audience.

Harry Styles on stage at Coachella
The star recently headlined Coachella. (Getty)

One viewer tweeted: "I did not just sit thru 20 mins of in the night garden for 30s of harry styles telling a bedtime story."

Someone else suggested: "Okay but hear me out. CBeebies bedtime story just for adults and it’s always Harry Styles reading the story (other suggestions for bedtime story readers are welcome)."

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Appearing in a pair of brown patterned Gucci pyjamas, Styles read In Every House, on Every Street written by Jess Hitchman and illustrated by Lili la Baleine.

He introduced the book by saying: "Tonight’s bedtime story is about a house full of love and laughter."

Harry Styles settles in for a story. (BBC)
Harry Styles settles in for a story. (BBC)

One fan tweeted: "am i really sat watching the cbeebies bedtime story at the age of 21 just because it’s harry styles on it? yes, yes i am."

Someone else added: "I’m eating pasta and sitting alongside my wife and 17 year old daughter and we’re watching...Harry Styles reading a bedtime story on @CBeebiesHQ #thingsineverthoughtidpost"

Another viewer wrote: "How adorable were you then @Harry_Styles… yes I did just watch a child’s bedtime story with no actual present children at the age of 44."

Harry Styles performs on NBC's
Harry Styles has recently released a new album. (Getty Images)

Styles is not the first celebrity storyteller to have drawn in older viewers - regular fixture Tom Hardy is a popular reader with parents, and other stars to have taken part include Hollywood star Chris Evans and Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl.

Rose Ayling-Ellis recently became the first celebrity to sign the Bedtime Story, the Duchess of Cambridge read earlier in the year, and Elton John, Dolly Parton and Ed Sheeran have all joined the ranks of famous readers for the programme.