CCTV Catches Moose Snacking on Popcorn at Alaska Movie Theatre

A moose was caught on security camera wandering into a movie theatre and munching on some popcorn in Kenai, Alaska, on April 19.

Footage released by Kenai Cinemas shows the moose walking into the foyer, much to the shock of the employee working behind the snack counter. The moose can then be seen eating from a container of popcorn before leaving the cinema with its nose stuck in a McDonald’s Happy Meal box.

Nick Fowler, a wildlife biologist with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, told the Anchorage Daily News that human food also isn’t always good for moose.

“I do not know if a Happy Meal is good for a moose or not. However, I can confidently say that it’s not in its natural diet,” Fowler said. Credit: Kenai Cinemas via Storyful

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