Celebrities react to Finsbury Park terror attack

The UK has woken up to the news that another tragedy has taken place, after a 48-year-old man ploughed into members of the public outside the Finsbury Park Mosque on Sunday night, killing one so far.


The incident is being investigated as a suspected terror attack and Lily Allen and J.K. Rowling have spoken out about the horror that took place after worshippers were leaving the building in north London just after midnight.

Posting on Twitter shortly after the incident was confirmed, Lily claimed that the attacker had been ‘radicalized by the British media’.

She also said she had been forced to delete more tweets after claiming to have been hit with a wave of ‘abhorrent’ replies.

J.K. Rowling also attacked press coverage of the attack. She wrote: “Victim blaming in the usual newspapers is disgusting.”

The Harry Potter author tweeted:

Elsewhere, Piers Morgan called the incident ‘sickening’ and condemned the attack on Twitter.

While Katie Hopkins insisted the UK is not ‘united’ after the recent string of terror attacks across the country.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed that the driver has been arrested, and released a statement saying extra resources have been diverted to the scene to protect those observing Ramadan.

“The investigation of the incident is being carried out by the Counter Terrorism Command”, a statement confirmed

“At this early stage of this investigation, no other suspects at the scene have been identified or reported to police, however the investigation continues. Due to the nature of this incident extra policing resources have been deployed in order to reassure communities, especially those observing Ramadan.”


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