Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Housemates EVACUATED After Fire Breaks Out

The Celebrity Big Brother house descended into chaos on Sunday (July 31) as the housemates were forced to evacuate the building after it almost went up in flames.

There is a fine line between extra crispy bacon and authentically smoked (aka burnt) bacon – and the CBB housemates crossed it after a failed attempt to cook a full English breakfast.

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Heavy D, James Whale and Lewis Bloor were the main culprits behind the fry-up flop as the troublesome trio launched into a food fight shortly before breakfast, with various ingredients being pour over one another.

As a result of leaving their breakie unattended, the bacon started to smoke up the Elstree bungalow and eventually set off the fire alarms, causing Big Brother to order all housemates into the garden.

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The compound was locked down as security entered the premises to deal with the escalating situation, and later a smoke-free house was reopened to the guilty group.

The housemates were warned: “Big Brother would like to remind you to not try and fry things in a baking tray and instead use appropriate equipment.”

Watch all of the drama unfold in the latest episode of Celebrity Big Brother tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.