Celebrity Big Brother: Jedward Get AWFUL Reaction Upon Entering The CBB House

So, the rumours turned out to be true- last night, Jedward entered the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Unfortunately for the twins, however, the lads didn’t receive the warmest reception from the crowd in Elstree.

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Storming the stage to a chorus of boos, when the twins were chatting to Emma the crowd’s reaction became almost deafening.

Poor John even fell over at one point.


Their attempt to hype up the audience fell flat too. After trying to get the audience to chant ‘Jedward’, the crowd instead started to chant 'off’ and 'who are ya’ instead, with one man in the audience taking things even further.

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The man in question began swearing at the brothers and flipped two fingers at the boys. When they tried to shake his hand, the man refused.

The Great British Public, eh? Not at all petty or weird.

John, clearly a little bit peeved at the reaction, allegedly mouthed 'w**ker’ at the man and said: “He’s horrible!”

Don’t worry babes, we’re sure it’s not personal.

The pair last participated on the show in 2011.

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Speaking to The Sun, a source close to the show played down the crowd reaction – and hinted that the two brothers would be TV gold:

“Love them or hate them, Jedward are compulsive viewing.

“And while some of the housemates are going to be familiar with them and what they’re like, the chances are the Americans will be in for a shock.

“It’s going to be great to see them getting to know Speidi – they think they’re the power duo of the house, but that could quickly change.”

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