Celebrity Big Brother: Katie Waissel Blasts ‘Nasty’ Christopher Biggins' Anti-Semitic Comments

This year’s series of Celebrity Big Brother was no stranger to controversy, with much-loved actor Christopher Biggins being removed from the house for making offensive comments.

Although the scenes never aired on Channel 5, viewers were shocked to learn that Biggins had made horrifying anti-Semitic comments towards Jewish housemate Katie Waissel, leaving Big Brother with no choice but to remove him from the show.

Now Katie has opened up about the Holocaust “joke” that reduced her to tears, admitting that she had to see a psychologist whilst living in the famous compound.

She explained: “My great-grandmother Katie, who I’m named after, and her husband Sydney escaped the concentration camps.

"They were living in Poland and escaped while their town was under siege. It was incredibly difficult for them but luckily they got out.

"But they lived and breathed the horror of it, it’s very real to me.

"So there you go, Christopher Biggins, you nasty, nasty person - it’s disrespectful to me, my ancestors and every family who have history tied to this dreadful place.”

It was reported that Christopher had said to Katie: “You had better be careful or they will put you in a shower or take you to a room!”, he apologised for his behaviour after he was kicked out of the house.

Katie went on to admit that she and her fellow housemates were also stunned by Christopher’s remarks about bisexual people being responsible for AIDs.

She added to The Sun: “We were all a bit surprised at how loose-lipped he was.

"I mean, he’s a national treasure and he’s excited and happy and fun but there were some crazy things he said that made us turn our heads.”