Celebrity chef James Martin taken to A&E for stitches after injuring himself

CANNES, FRANCE - APRIL 03:  Chef James Martin attends the 'James Martin's French Adventure' photocall at La Rotonde on April 3, 2017 in Cannes, France.  (Photo by Eric Catarina/Getty Images)
James Martin told fans he'd had stitches. (Getty)

James Martin has thanked doctors for stitching up an injury that forced him to rush to A&E.

The celebrity chef, 49, did not say what happened but posted a message on Twitter thanking the emergency services staff who treated him.

“Thanks to the A&E crew for stitching me up… bloody stars literally… thank you," he tweeted.

Martin didn’t share any other details about the incident.

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Worried fans have now bombarded the Saturday Kitchen star with messages saying they hope he is ok.

“Good to learn you're repaired & NHS A&E did their best for you,” one tweeted. “But what actually happened?”

Another posted: “Don't know what you have done but hope you are ok. Obviously bad enough to need stitches. Take care and hope you are soon better.”

“Oh James…what did you do?” asked another concerned fan. “Sorry to hear you’ve had a visit to A&E. Hope you are ok and wishing a speedy recovery xx.”

Celebrated chef and TV personality James Martin during rehearsals at London's Hammersmith Eventim Apollo before heading out on his very first UK tour.
James Martin didn't explain how he hurt himself. (PA)

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Many speculated about it being a cooking injury.

“Hazard of the job James?” asked one of the cook's followers.

“Avocado cutting accident?” suggested another, advising: “Stick with a bacon butty, far safer.”

“Even 1st class top chefs can have a wee accident, hope you're ok and it doesn't hurt too much,” said another person.

TV chef James Martin during a cooking demonstration at  Killermont primary school in Glasgow.
Martin is known for shows like 'Ready Steady Cook' and 'Saturday Kitchen'. (PA)

Another tweeted: “I was watching your show a couple of weeks ago while cooking and chopped off the tip of my finger, blood everywhere and pinged like mad, hope whatever you chopped off heals as quickly as mine has.”

Martin is best known for cookery series such as Ready Steady Cook and Saturday Kitchen, which he hosted for many years before stepping down in 2016.

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