James Martin addresses 'Burgergate' complaint that went viral

James has spoken about ‘Burgergate’ after it went viral. (Getty)
James has spoken about ‘Burgergate’ after it went viral. (Getty)

TV chef James Martin has spoken out about the controversy that embroiled him last week, when he received a complaint about a sub-par cheeseburger that was served at one of his airport restaurants.

After one Twitter user told him that the £9.50 cheeseburger he received at his Glasgow airport restaurant was less than impressive, James, 45, replied to apologise and get to the bottom of it.

Now, in the wake of the scandal, James has revealed that there was just the one complaint and that it was an isolated incident when it comes to sorry-looking beef burgers coming out of his kitchens.

Speaking to The Times about his business and whether his numerous work commitments were responsible for a slip in standards, the star insisted that wasn’t the case.

‘Not really. At the end of the day you put systems in place, and if the systems fail, then all you can do is address those systems,’ James admitted. He also clarified that it was only this one complaint that had ‘gone viral’ and wasn’t one of many.

During the interview it was pointed out that the establishment had a poor user rating on TripAdvisor, with 58% of feedback opting for the ‘poor’ or ‘terrible’ ratings, to which he replied: ‘I haven’t looked at TripAdvisor.’

James Martin vowed to ‘deal with’ the chef who served a sorry-looking cheeseburger at his restaurant. (Getty)
James Martin vowed to ‘deal with’ the chef who served a sorry-looking cheeseburger at his restaurant. (Getty)

Despite the negative line of questioning, the cafe, which has been rated by 236 users, does have 33 ‘excellent’ reviews left for it on the site.

James also confirmed that he’d flown four people to the Glasgow eatery to investigate the matter, so he;s clearly taking it all seriously.

The incident about the shoddy patty came about last week, when TV and radio present Ewen Cameron tweeted the TV chef about the state of a cheeseburger he was served at Glasgow airport on 1 April.

‘Dear @jamesmartinchef I’m not one for complaining but I feel you need to see what your name is attached to @AirportGlasgow,’ he began.

‘This is your cheeseburger at your restaurant & priced at £9:50 ! I’m guessing you’ll be annoyed as you’re a man who prides himself on his food,’ he blasted to his followers.

James was eager to reply after some media outlets had picked up on the story, as he issued a public apology to his disgruntled diner.

‘Firstly can I apologise and I can assure you I will deal with it personally,’ he said in a tweet responding to the complaint.

It’s unclear whether James managed to track down the hapless chef who served the food, but the chances are it won’t be happening again.

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