'Celebrity Great British Bake Off': James McAvoy stuns with incredible baking skills

James McAvoy.
James McAvoy impressed on Celebrity Bake Off (C4)

James McAvoy has surprised on Celebrity Great British Bake Off with his incredible cake skills as he was crowned the winner.

The X-Men star took on Dame Kelly Holmes, David Baddiel and Anne-Marie in this week's competition in aid of Stand Up To Cancer, but despite claiming a lack of experience, he managed to ace every challenge.

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First up, McAvoy made a raspberry version of a lemon meringue pie which he had invented himself.

An impressed Prue Leith told him: "I would have thought you couldn't improve on a lemon meringue pie, but this is better."

Fellow judge Paul Hollywood said: "You're so close to perfection with that."

Dame Kelly also did well with her tart, as Hollywood told her: "That pastry is one of the best I've had for a while."

Next, McAvoy triumphed in the technical challenge by winning the task to create perfect cheese scones and butter.

Leith commented: "They are pretty much a perfect scone, you pay a lot of money for stuff like that."

Anne-Marie on Celebrity Bake Off (C4)

However, Anne-Marie, despite coming second, started the task by saying: "What the hell is a cheese scone?"

The showstopper task was to make a 3D marble cake which had to represent the celebrity baker in the form of an animal.

McAvoy chose to create a snow leopard in tribute to his character Lord Asriel in the TV adaptation of His Dark Materials, and came up with a bake that wouldn't have looked out of place in the main series.

James McAvoy.
James McAvoy on Celebrity Bake Off (C4)

Hollywood told him: "For someone who doesn't bake, that's surprisingly good."

Of course, McAvoy was crowned Star Baker, but had competition for the title from both Dame Kelly and Anne-Marie.

Baddiel struggled the most, with a series of melted tarts, collapsed scones, and a recreation of his cat Chairman Miaow which didn't quite go to plan.

Celebrity Great British Bake Off continues next Tuesday night on Channel 4.

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