Celebrity Hunted 2023 line-up in full

All the famous faces flying under the radar

Celebrity Hunted stars Nik and Eva Speakman, Aimee Fuller and Katya Jones, Ed Gamble and James Acaster, Saffron Barker and Bobby Seagull, Nicola Thorp and Nikesh Patel.
Celebrity Hunted 2023 will air on Channel 4. (Channel 4)

Celebrity Hunted is back for a fifth series, challenging a handful of well-known faces to stay off-grid for as long as they can, all for a good cause.

Airing weekly on Channel 4, the latest outing of this popular charitable TV show promises to be its most gripping and hilarious yet, with comedians, presenters and broadcasters all facing off against a team of location experts charged with the task of tracking them down.

What’s more, all this espionage entertainment goes towards raising money for Stand Up To Cancer, the major fundraising campaign helmed by Cancer Research UK and Channel 4.

So who’s taking part in Celebrity Hunted’s latest challenge? Let’s take a look…

Celebrity Hunted stars James Acaster and Ed Gamble
James Acaster and Ed Gamble will go on the run. (Channel 4)

While the show’s last outing featured eight famous participants, Celebrity Hunted 2023 has boosted its number of MIA entertainers to 10, with a list that spans all corners of the showbiz world.

  • James Acaster & Ed Gamble

  • Katya Jones & Aimee Fuller

  • Nicola Thorp & Nikesh Patel

  • Saffron Barker & Bobby Seagull

  • Nik Speakman & Eva Speakman

Leading the way are comedians and co-hosts of the Off Menu comedy food podcast, James Acaster and Ed Gamble. They’re joined by Strictly Come Dancing star Katya Jones who will be attempting to stay missing for as long as possible alongside Olympic snowboarder Aimee Fuller.

Celebrity Hunted stars Bobby Seagull and Saffron Barker
Other famous fugitives include Bobby Seagull and Saffron Barker. (Channel 4)

Coronation Street actor and broadcaster Nicola Thorp will be joined by The Devil’s Hour star Nikesh Patel, while a second Strictly face, social media personality Saffron Barker, has TV math mastermind Bobby Seagull to help crunch the numbers and help keep them under the wire.

Rounding out this year’s participants are life-change experts Nik and Eva Speakman who will also be going into hiding in the name of charity.

Katya Jones and Amiee Fuller hiding in a bush on Celebrity Hunted 2023
Ten celebrities are challenged to stay missing for two weeks. (Channel 4)

Whether you’re an avid follower of Celebrity Hunted or an intrigued newcomer, here’s a quick explanation of what you can expect from this unusual show format.

Ten celebrities are challenged to stay missing for two weeks. While this may sound like a relatively straightforward task, they actually have their work cut out for them because hot on their heels is a crack team of hunters that will stop at nothing to track them down.

With former police officers, intelligence experts and army personnel following their every move, suddenly staying hidden for two weeks doesn’t sound so simple.

Throw the fact that each of the show's 10 participants is already highly recognisable into the mix and making it through Celebrity Hunted without being found becomes quite the challenge.

Meanwhile, audiences are invited to support Stand Up to Cancer by pledging £10, £20, £30 or £40 by texting TEN, TWENTY, THIRTY or FORTY to 70404.

Celebrity Hunted 2023 continues on Tuesday at 9am on Channel 4.