'Celebrity Save Our Sperm': Ollie Locke, Melvin Odoom and Russell Kane explore male fertility

Ollie Locke, Melvin Odoom and Russell Kane will take part in the programme. (Getty)
Ollie Locke, Melvin Odoom and Russell Kane will take part in the programme. (Getty)

Ollie Locke, Melvin Odoom and Russell Kane will be trying to improve their sperm count in a health programme exploring male fertility.

Celebrity Save Our Sperm has been announced for Channel 4 where Made In Chelsea star Locke, radio DJ Odoom and comedian Kane will be joined by Dr Anand Patel for advice on improving their sperm health.

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Male sperm count in the western world has dropped by an enormous 59% in the last 40 years, meaning that if it continues at the same rate, it could reach zero by 2045.

LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 24: Melvin Odoom attends the
Melvin Odoom is one of the celebrities praised for his bravery in taking part. (Getty Images)

The three brave celebrities have agreed to take on a range of therapies and experiments over eight weeks that are designed to transform their sperm count and quality, something that can apparently be achieved in two to three months.

Locke, Odoom and Kane will also share their own very personal reasons for taking part in the one-off programme.

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Clemency Green, senior commissioning editor for Channel 4, said: “Male fertility is such an important subject that is rarely discussed and I’m full of admiration for Ollie, Melvin and Russell who are helping us break taboos by opening up the conversation and putting their own fertility under the microscope.”

Ollie Locke (Left) with his husband Gareth Locke arrives at the Burberry British Diversity Awards at the De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms in London. Picture date: Thursday March 10, 2022. (Photo by Yui Mok/PA Images via Getty Images)
Ollie Locke and husband Gareth have opened up about their struggles starting a family. (PA)

Elaine Hackett, CEO of Crackit Productions who are making the programme, added: “Often we think fertility issues revolve around women, but male sperm count is falling at an alarming rate.

"Ollie, Russell and Melvin have got balls to take part in this one-off event as, alongside the good science, it’s deliberately designed to be surprising to put saving sperm in the spotlight.”

Earlier this year, Locke and his husband Gareth opened up about their struggles to conceive a child via surrogacy.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Locke said: "It is our main and full focus. We are so ready for this.

"We have lost five embryos in the last year. We have been to Cyprus, Mexico and the US and it's been hard and very expensive. But we are still trying and we've had so much support."