Derek Acorah slammed over Maddie claims - Daily TV round-up

TV medium Derek Acorah has caused outrage after claiming he knows Madeleine McCann is dead.

The former 'Most Haunted' star has said that he was told by a messenger from the spirit world that the missing girl is 'not on this earth anymore' and is soon to be reincarnated.

“I know her parents are convinced Maddie is alive and I’m really sorry - but the little one has been over in the spirit world for some time,” he said.

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“I don’t think she’ll be there long before she reincarnates. When children pass over who haven’t had full lives I believe they choose the time to come back in the same form again - as another little girl.”

A source close to Madeleine's parents told The Sun: “Kate and Gerry are sickened. This character Derek Acorah is nothing but a self-publicist. It’s incredibly distasteful and insensitive.”

A spokesperson for the McCanns added: “Kate and Gerry believe their daughter is alive and the Metropolitan Police are currently pursuing an investigation to that effect.

“If anyone credible has any credible evidence that she is alive they should come forward.”

Acorah responded to the criticism on Twitter saying, "I totally refute the article that had appeared in a newspaper today. I am not so sad that I have to cash in on somebody else's misery!" [sic] [The Sun]