Secret Millionaire car-jacked during filming - Daily TV round-up

A star of 'Secret Millionaire' has spoken of how he was abducted in a car jacking while filming an episode of the show in Leeds.

Theatre entrepreneur David King was resting in the passenger seat of a car belonging to one of the production crew, when a thief got in and drove the car away.

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“What was happening didn’t quite register at the time, but I soon realised the guy was high on drugs and reeked of booze, and I was being hijacked,” he said.

“I was petrified. The guy was smashed out of his brains and had just screeched off the car park at 60 miles an hour, nearly hitting the television crew.”

He was let out of the car by the thief, who sped off but later abandoned it. No arrests have yet been made in relation to the theft.

“I was badly shaken, but glad to be alive. This could have ended so differently. I feel so lucky,” he added.

The show, which sees the 56-year-old producer give away money to deserving people in the  Beeston area of Leeds, airs on Channel 4 on Monday. [The Sun]

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