Channel 4 Four in a Bed contestants 'gutted' as guests sleep in car

Helen and Matt on Four in a Bed
Helen and Matt on Four in a Bed after sleeping in their car -Credit:Channel 4

Four in a Bed viewers were stunned as some of the participants chose to sleep in their car rather than bedding down in their accommodation. In what viewers were sure was a show first, Helen and Matt spent a restless night in their car after being left far from unimpressed with their glamping yurt.

The episode had gotten off to a bad start for hosts Sarah and Lesley, who were both missing. Sarah's husband Ace explained that they were both 'really unwell' and couldn't make it.

The participants complained about finding earwigs in the sink, cold showers and said a 'silicone' at the back of the wood burner was 'burning' and 'creating smoke', as well as a 'cold' breakfast which was an optional £8 extra. But Helen and Matt were so put off by their room they decided to camp out in their car.

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They explained: "Sleep was pretty poor, we slept in the car. Everything felt damp.

"The mattress was dirty. We thought it was just easier to sleep in the car."

The rest of the participants were disappointed the hosts weren't there, with one saying 'we haven't really got to understand the place from their point of view'. But as they received the group's feedback at the end, Sarah said 'no wonder they didn't sleep well' as they hadn't even tried the bed.

They were visibly upset as they insisted their cleaning was 'to a high standard' and there were no issues with hot water. They added 'we would never offer a cooked breakfast that was cold'.

Lesley added: "I'm gutted. Trying really hard not to cry." She continued: "It's just a shame that they've come blinkered."

While they dismissed the criticism about their bedding as nonsense, they did acknowledge the issue with bugs. Lesley commented: "Yes, there probably were earwigs in the sink, it's glamping, it's outdoors, it's not bugged tight."

Channel 4 viewers took to X, formerly Twitter, to voice their opinions on the matter. @rebeccahollyxo_ commented: "Don't think I've ever seen it where someone has slept in their car."

@Spinkzilla tweeted: "Really harsh scoring. Unfair! ". @DavidWa53158736 chimed in with: "Wow these people are SO awfully critical #fourinabed."