Channel 4 Gogglebox stars' strict rules - from no alcohol to unlimited takeaways

Gogglebox - Izzy and Ellie Warner
-Credit: (Image: Channel 4)

Gogglebox, a Friday night staple on Channel 4, offers viewers a peek into the living rooms of families, friends and couples across the UK as they react to the latest viewings.

The show first hit our screens in 2013 and has since rolled out 23 series, including spin-offs featuring celebrities and children, known as Gogglesprogs.

Filming takes place over 12 hours each week, which can be divided into two six-hour shifts. While it may seem like an easy gig, stars are required to actively respond to what they're watching, keeping their reactions sharp and engaging.

Although the exact earnings of each Gogglebox star remain undisclosed, it's believed that they receive an allowance, potentially up to £1,500 per household, reports OK! This payment is intended to compensate for any loss of regular income, as filming for Gogglebox would likely interfere with their usual employment. But what rules must the cast adhere to?

Alcohol is off-limits

Ever noticed the copious amounts of tea consumed by the Gogglebox cast? That's because alcohol is prohibited during filming. While you might enjoy a glass of wine or a beer while watching your favourite shows or films, the Gogglebox stars are not permitted to do so.

Lee and Jenny lived together during lockdown so they could continue filming Gogglebox
Jenny and Lee often have fans in stitches with their antics -Credit:jennyandlee_gogglebox/Instagram

This is the reason why viewers will never see Jenny and Lee enjoying a bottle of wine, or Giles and Mary raising a glass with their favourite tipple. The decision was made by the show's producers as they didn't want the cast members to slur their words on camera if they overindulged.

Unlimited takeaways

While booze may be off-limits, the cast are permitted to indulge in takeaways. Delights such as fish and chips, cakes, and more can be ordered and expensed during filming.

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Reports suggest that they can essentially order whatever they fancy from Deliveroo and other takeaway services - provided it's not something extravagant like a 30lb lobster or caviar.

Big up the entertainment

It might seem obvious, but producers encourage participants to play up to the cameras to ensure the episodes aren't dull. While Gogglebox staff won't instruct the cast members on how to behave, it's believed they will recommend topical or thrilling clips to watch, to elicit the best reactions.

Producers also prefer if the cast are not engrossed in their phones or distracted during filming, as it wouldn't make for compelling television.

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