Channel 4 Open House series stars, where it's filmed and when new series is coming

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Channel 4 is looking for new participants in its show Open House: The Great Sex Experiment. The broadcaster describes it as a social experiment television series where committed couples come to a luxury retreat to test whether opening up their relationships and having sex with other people will strengthen their bond.

Whilst at a luxury location, which MailOnline reports is a country house in Herefordshire, couples get the opportunity to meet and date the retreat's residents as well as get advice and information about non-monogamy from an expert team, Channel 4 adds. So far, there have been two series of the show.

The first had six episodes, the second eight. One of the stars of the programme, Precious Muir, is from London.

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Channel 4 is looking for more couples to take part -Credit:Channel 4

She revealed to the Daily Star last year that she forgets about the cameras when she is having liaisons with people on the show. Precious said: "Because I'm quite open sexually, I'm bisexual, I tend to not put myself in a box so for me it's more about having fun in the moment and seeing where it goes.

"I've had a little few escapades on the show, threesomes, and in the recent season there was a group session." At the time of the interview, August 2023, Channel 4 had not confirmed a third series of the show.

"If [there were another series] definitely I'll be on it," Precious said. She added: "I think the third season will be probably be less focused on anything other than having a good time."

Now, it looks like Channel 4 is planning another run. It has asked potential participants: "Do you question monogamy? Would you like the opportunity to explore opening up your relationship?"

Other prominent residents in the show include Grace Florence, a pole dancer who's also hooked up with participants on more than one occasion. She told The Sun in an interview that one guest who entered the house ended up in a fracas with security off camera over them refusing to give him any more booze.

People interested can sign themselves up here.

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