Channel 4 A Place in The Sun viewers share same complaint as they 'switch over'

A Place In The Sun fans have voiced their frustration as yet another rerun hit the screens on Channel 4.

The beloved show, which follows Brits on their quest to find a dream home in sunny Spain, returned with an episode featuring presenter Jean Johansson guiding couple Clement and Tracy-Anne through the property market.

However, eagle-eyed viewers were quick to spot that this was not their first time watching the episode.

Some fans took to social media, previously known as Twitter, to express their disappointment, with one viewer commenting: "Afternoon - hmm, Jean and Clement (again). Think I'll return to a not-especially-exciting #TourDeFrance2024." Another chimed in: "Clement for the fourth time (that I've seen)."

A Place In The Sun presenter Jean Johansson
A Place In The Sun fans have voiced their frustration as yet another rerun hit the screens on Channel 4 -Credit:(Image: Channel 4)

Despite the repetition, some viewers were pleased to see the trio again, with one fan remarking: "This ep has been on so often that there isn't much to say that hasn't already been said.

However, it is refreshing to see a couple who appear to be genuine friends and have great interactions together without the constant hand-holding and pawing each other #aplaceinthesun.", reports the Express.

Another added: "The very best classic repeat Clement edition if not seen well worth a look." And another shared: "Afternoon Placers, happy with today's repeat with Jean and the brilliant Clement. All the communal poo wells won't even spoil it."

Clement and Tracy-Anne brought a lively energy to the show on Monday as they scoured Spain for a chic property. Despite the first two homes not quite hitting the mark, they were delighted with the third option.

The third home captivated them with its light, modern kitchen, open-plan layout, ample wardrobe space in the bedrooms and tempting communal swimming pool.

Regardless of Jean presenting them with an intriguing fourth wildcard property, the pair remained enchanted by the third home. By the end of the show, they had fallen enough in love with it to put an offer down on it to their delight, it was accepted.

Viewers watching from home were thrilled for the duo and bolted straight to X to share their well wishes. One user posted: "Glad for these two, fun couple."

Another commented: "Awww! Well done Clement and Tracy-Ann. Hope you enjoy your new holiday home."

A Place in the Sun airs on Channel 4