Channel 4's Outrageous Homes' mind-blowing barn known as Treasure Island is now for sale for £3.6m

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and owner Dawn at Treasure Island, that is now for sale
-Credit: (Image: Channel 4)

Have you ever had some bizarre or outrageous interior design ideas to make your home unique but were too worried or didn't have the skill to bring them to life? What happens when you let your interior design creativity lose and your imagination run wild, can you create something that is truly outrageous?

Some people have done just that and interior designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen's new Channel 4 programme Outrageous Homes is a celebration of some of the UK's most wild and wacky homes hiding behind normal front doors. But could you do the same, surely it would be far easier to buy a quirky home that someone else has toiled over?

The flamboyant designer and interiors TV presenter, popular for his memorable designs on TV show Changing Rooms, says: "The show features everything from a complete shrine to the 1970s to a subterranean Venetian palazzo. We had an absolutely perfect recreation of a 1910 shopkeeper's house, we had a house that was turned completely into a massive fish tank. They are all absolutely bat poo bonkers and Outrageous Homes was a fabulous opportunity to make a programme that was a celebration of that."

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The entrance is a hint of the wackiness to come
The entrance is a hint of the wackiness to come -Credit:Knight Frank
Built in the style of a tithe barn
Built in the style of a tithe barn -Credit:Knight Frank

The four-part series that started at 10pm on Thursday, June 20 and is now available to stream via Channel 4, illustrates that you don't necessarily have to have a huge budget or be a prolific DIYer to do something outrageous - you just need to be brave. But it would be easier to find a unique home where the hard work has already been done for you and all you have to do is buy it, and now one of the most distinctive houses from LLB's show is up for sale, but you'll have to find over £3.5m to secure it.

Welcome to Treasure Island
Welcome to Treasure Island -Credit:Knight Frank
LLB stuck on a desert island
LLB stuck on a desert island -Credit:Channel 4

Known as Treasure Island, current homeowner Dawn loves the property that is a mind-blowing homage to Robert Louis Stevenson's book of the same name, and the subsequent movies and TV shows that have followed. The huge tithe barn style home includes an 'ocean' in the middle of the living room that includes a tiny island with palm trees and a massive fish tank so you feel like you're underwater.

There's an 'upper deck' mezzanine level, exposed beams everywhere that makes you think you are within the heart of an old world sailing ship, and there's even a crow's nest built around one of the timber columns so you can spot enemy ships approaching.

Look closely and you'll spot a crow's nest on this 'pirate ship'
Look closely and you'll spot a crow's nest on this 'pirate ship' -Credit:Knight Frank
Look up and the quirkiness continues but at a more 'bat poo bonkers' level
Look up and the quirkiness continues but at an even more 'bat poo bonkers' level -Credit:Knight Frank

The Treasure Island house sails into truly outrageous territory with the addition of a pirate hiding in the rafters ready to pounce and steal all your old coins, and at night the house envelopes you in an even more memorable ambience as splashes of coloured lights, mainly located in the beams and roof rafters, bathe you in pools of illumination.

According to the estate agent selling the property for a guide price of £3,650,000 the six bed, six bathroom house called Highfield was built as a modern 21st century folly. At the time of construction, Highfield was the biggest barn to be built of green oak for 300 years.

Massive fish tank adds the underwater feel
Massive fish tank adds the underwater feel -Credit:Knight Frank
Atmospheric at night
Atmospheric at night -Credit:Knight Frank

One of the UK's most remarkable homes, Highfields was commissioned by the late Felix Dennis who combined his passion for Treasure Island with his love of tithe barns to create a truly remarkable home. The poet, writer and philanthropist made his fortune via his multi-million pound company Dennis Publishing that produced titles such as Maxim, The Week, Auto Express and PC Pro.

The layout of the house can be subdivided into three distinct structures; the main pool area with its aisles and arcades and two additional wings which have been tied into the main building. The north wing houses the bedroom, bathroom, changing area, solarium, sauna, steam room and laundry room.

The kitchen pays homage to the bridge of the ship
The kitchen pays homage to the bridge of the ship -Credit:Knight Frank
The dining area is next to the 'ocean'
The dining area is next to the 'ocean' -Credit:Knight Frank

The south wing accommodates the kitchen, dining room, study and open gallery. The west elevation displays a more mountainous feel and there are fine pastoral views from the balcony; looks like the ship might have sailed into a Norwegian fjord.

Below ground the basement houses an authentic Art Deco inspired cinema, bar and entertainment area and an impressive plant room which controls the high tech equipment for all of the major services – electrics, heating, filtration, lighting, security, telephone and air handling system. This subterranean level is also a home for the cars, offering an underground parking area and car turntable.

Lounge area with inglenook fireplace
Lounge area with inglenook fireplace -Credit:Knight Frank
LLB in the captain's quarters
LLB in the captain's quarters -Credit:Channel 4

As well as the investment in the tech at the house, the interior has been lavished with love from skilled crafts people using high quality, luxury materials, including Verona Italian marble and Lincoln sandstone. The result is a journey through a magical space that is, without doubt, an enchanting architectural adventure that keeps on taking your breath away with quirky details, such as the clay mythical dragon on the main ridge and the exquisite shell panels that adorn the walls.

Basement includes an art deco style cinema
Basement includes an art deco style cinema -Credit:Knight Frank
Bar and games room adds to the entertainment space 'below deck'
Bar and games room adds to the entertainment space 'below deck' -Credit:Knight Frank

Within the 3.98 acres of grounds this property can surprise you again with the discovery of two old manor lodge cottages. The estate agent states that the cottages were extensively refurbished, modernised and embellished in 1992 and are now beautifully presented with painted, rendered elevations beneath a decorative thatched roof. Inside, the cottages can boast bespoke kitchens, handcrafted conservatories, high quality shower rooms and well laid out accommodation.

The sprawling grounds that cocoon this incredible home also include a courtyard, paddock, greenhouses, a storage barn, garages and ample parking for residents and guests, all accessed from the lane through electrically operated decorative wrought iron gates.

More surprises in the grounds - two pretty cottages
More surprises in the grounds - two pretty cottages -Credit:Knight Frank
Of course there's a ship's anchor embedded in the front lawn
Of course there's a ship's anchor embedded in the front lawn at this quirky home -Credit:Knight Frank

The gardens are established and set within yew hedges with areas of lawn, trees and shrubs and a pathway across the front of each cottage. And, of course, there's a huge ship's anchor embedded into the front lawn; well it is one of Laurence's 'bat poo bonkers' outrageous UK homes, so you shouldn't be surprised.

Highfields, or Treasure Island, is for sale with a guide price of £3,650,000 with Knight Frank, call the Stratford-Upon-Avon branch on 01789 863550 to find out more.

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen's show Outrageous Homes starts on Channel 4 on Thursday June 20 at 10pm and runs for four episodes and is available to catch up via the channel's streaming service. For more property and renovation stories join our Amazing Welsh Homes Facebook group here. Plus the latest edition of the award-winning Amazing Welsh Homes magazine is out now, buy online here.

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