Channing Tatum reveals dental assistant asked him to strip

The actor said the woman joked he could take the rest off after he handed her his jacket

Executive producer Channing Tatum poses at the premiere of the film
Channing Tatum said a dental suggestion suggested he take his clothes off. (Invision/AP)

Channing Tatum has said that a dental assistant asked him to strip off all of his clothes during a recent appointment.

The heartthrob actor – who found fame playing a stripper in the Magic Mike movies – said he had gone to have his teeth checked when the woman made the bizarre suggestion.

He told On Demand Entertainment: "Not my actual dentist, but the woman that is the dentist's assistant – the tech lady – I come in, and she's like, 'I'll take your jacket.' I take off my jacket, give it to her.

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"And she said, 'You can take the rest of it off.' I was like, 'What? Is this...? Am I supposed to get in like a gown or something like that? It's a dentist. You're doing my teeth, right?'"

Tatum, 42, said he laughed the whole thing off and the assistant started to giggle too.

But it seems she didn't let it go straightaway and quipped that the Hollywood star could slip out of the rest of his clothes if he wanted to.

The actor first played Michael "Magic Mike" Lane in 2012 and he reprised the role in Magic Mike XXL three years later in 2015.

'Magic Mike'. (Credit: Lionsgate)
Channing Tatum found fame in Magic Mike. (Lionsgate)

He is now playing the character once again in new film Magic Mike's Last Dance.

The film co-stars Salma Hayek and sees Mike leaving the US and heading off to London to help her socialite character produce a stage play.

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The movie is being released in the UK on 10 February.

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