The 'cheapest city break' in Europe has historic streets, 81p beer and sandy beaches

Gdansk sights, view from the winter Motlawa.
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Travel doesn't have to break the bank.

There are plenty of affordable destinations out there – including a spot that offers one of the "cheapest city breaks" in Europe. We're talking about the charming location of Gdansk, in Poland.

Globe-trotting TikTokers – the Orda Twins – shared why Gdansk is such a great option for the cash-strapped. In a recent clip, they popped into quaint coffee shops, visited sandy beaches and strolled along narrow streets filled with pastel-hued houses.

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Many commenters agreed that Gdańsk is a great place to add to your bucket list. One gushed: "One of the top city breaks in Eastern Europe." Another agreed, commenting: "100% the best place to visit in Poland. Modern city, good food, and many historical sights."

A third remarked: "Poland is so so underrated, I absolutely love it. Always made to feel welcome as a Brit." And a fourth added: "Gdansk is beautiful."

High angle view of Gdansk town the shore of the river Motlawa
High angle view of Gdansk town the shore of the river Motlawa -Credit:Getty Images

Gdansk, one of Poland's oldest cities, offers a wide array of activities and sights for visitors. You can take a stroll through the charming streets of Gdansk's Old Town, with its Renaissance and Gothic architecture. Don't miss the Long Market and Long Street (Długi Targ and Ulica Długa), which are the heart of the city.

We'd also recommend walking along the Motława River Embankment, which is a vibrant riverside with historical granaries, water gates and the famous 15th-century Crane (Żuraw). It's an iconic symbol of Gdansk so you won't want to miss it.

Then why not stop off at the European Solidarity Centre. While you're at the interactive museum, you can learn about the history of the Solidarity movement and its pivotal role in the fall of communism in Central Europe.

Other popular attractions include Oliwa Cathedral, famous for its stunning Rococo organ and concerts, and Climb St. Mary's Church Tower, which is one of the largest brick churches in the world.

After soaking up all that culture, it's time to relax. There are plenty of pretty beaches along the Baltic Sea that are beautiful and sandy. Tourists tends to enjoy options like Brzeźno or Jelitkowo.

So would you visit? You'll be pleased to know you can snap up flights from Liverpool at the moment for around £80 return.