Pomsky Dog Is An Internet Star - Because She Looks Just Like A Fox

Fancy a pet fox but can’t face the stress? Well, look no further than a pomsky.

Er, a what? Why, a pomeranian/husky cross, of course. It looks like a wild animal, but isn’t. 

And if you’d like to see a perfect example of this dream cross-breed, Mya the pomsky is your girl.

The photogenic pooch has her own Instagram account, allowing her to keep her 1,500 followers up to speed on all her antics.

Sky high: Mya conquered the Rocky Mountains (Instagram/myathepomsky)

Foxy: Striking a pose at Manitou Springs, Colorado (Instagram/myathepomsky)

When she’s not snoozing on the sofa at home in New Jersey, Mya’s scaling the Rocky Mountains, or working it beach-side in Florida.

Wherever she is, this is one dog that loves the camera.

And the camera loves her right back - as do her many followers, who may have increased in number a little since yesterday when this adorable picture was shared on Reddit

Beach babe: Mya catching some rays (Reddit/loopdeloops)

The 1,600-plus comments included, “the real Mozilla Firefox”, “ God, I hope his first name is Noam”, and “You remember when mixed breed dogs were just called mutts?”

Don’t talk about Mya that way…    

Sleepy: All that travelling takes it out of a girl (Instagram/myathepomsky)