Cheryl Baker among stars praising David Attenborough’s climate change warning

By Alex Green, Press Association

Cheryl Baker, Paloma Faith and Chris Packham were among celebrities praising Sir David Attenborough’s most recent documentary for offering a stark warning about the threat of global warming.

Climate Change: The Facts on BBC One saw the renowned naturalist, 92, predict catastrophe as a result of greenhouse gasses if measures are not taken.

The programme focused on California’s recent spate of wildfires, flooding in the Indian state of Kerala and increased polar melt.

Cheryl Baker (Ian West/PA)

Bucks Fizz star Cheryl Baker called on the public to act on behalf of the younger generations.

She said: “Loved watching Climate Change on BBC One tonight.

“There can be no doubt that climate change is a reality. We are all responsible for the future of this beautiful, fabulous planet.

“It won’t matter so much to me, but to my children and grandchildren. We owe it to them.”

Springwatch star Chris Packham asked viewers to listen to Sir David and urged support for the environmental protestors Extinction Rebellion, who have organised four days of protests in London.

He said: “Now on BBC One the world’s greatest broadcaster and most important voice on ecological and environmental issues speaks about climate catastrophe.

“Let’s all listen and learn and then show respect and kindness to the brave protesters of @ExtinctionR”

Packham’s comment was retweeted by Extinction Rebellion’s Twitter account.

The group later posted an image of Climate Change: The Facts being projected onto the side of Westminster Abbey outside of which protesters have camped.

Actress Frances Barber, who appeared in Doctor Who and Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool, questioned how some could still deny climate change was happening.

She said: “The footage of walruses falling over cliffs is enough to pierce the hardest climate change denier surely?”

In a second tweet she added: “How anyone in the civilized world can pretend climate change isn’t a thing is beyond baffling. Angry crazy Trump supporters I suppose.”

Presenting duo Dick and Dom posted a link to the programme, writing: “Everyone of us should watch this!”

Stand-up comedian Luisa Omielan appeared affected by the broadcast, asking how governments could ignore the threat of global warming.

She said: “Wow, we really do deserve to perish, its horrible what the human race has done to the planet. Planet will evolve and survive, human race will be extinct.

“Any government not making #ClimateChange their fundamental priority should be replaced, how could anyone deny the effects?!”

Earlier, pop singer Paloma Faith had urged fans to watch the programme.

Faith has previously narrated a film by Peta – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – on the international fur trade.

She wrote: “Tonight 9pm BBC1 david Attenborough programme CLIMATE CHANGE THE FACTS please watch”