Child locks his mother’s iPhone for 48 YEARS after repeatedly entering the wrong passcode

The child locked his mother's phone (Picture: AsiaWire)
The child locked his mother’s phone (Picture: AsiaWire)

A two-year-old boy has locked his mother’s iPhone for 48 years after repeatedly entering the wrong passcode, it has been reported.

The child, from Shanghai, China, kept pressing the wrong numbers until eventually the phone locked for more than 25 million minutes – the equivalent of almost 48 years.

Apple’s device can be set to increase the lockout time with each failed attempt if someone enters the incorrect passcode, but it is not known how many times the child typed the wrong digits.

The mother, identified only by her surname, Lu, said she took her eye off her son for long enough for him to lock the phone for almost five decades.


Mrs Lu said: “I can’t wait for more than 40 years. In 40 years I probably won’t be able to talk.

“Although I’ll probably joke to my grandchildren ‘this is your dad’s fault.'”

The phone was reportedly locked for almost 50 years (Picture: AsiaWire)
The phone was reportedly locked for almost 50 years (Picture: AsiaWire)

She said she was wary of rebooting her phone because she is afraid of losing all of her photos and contacts.

It was not clear if her phone has been “jailbroken” and had Apple’s software restrictions removed.

One unnamed technician told Chinese media it was possible for an iPhone to be locked for up to 80 years.

“There is no way to solve it unless she resets the system,” he said. “All the files cannot be transferred either.”

Should users somehow manage to lock their iPhone for years, they should erase all of their data and perform a reset.

However, in order to keep that data, users are advised by Apple to maintain a backup of their device.

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