China To Build Tallest Skyscraper In 90 Days

Mark Stone, China Correspondent
China To Build Tallest Skyscraper In 90 Days

A company in China is preparing to build the world's tallest skyscraper in just 90 days.

From the foundations upwards, the whole construction will be erected within three months at a rate of five floors a day.

Work will start at the end of this month and it should all be finished by the end of February.

It is a challenge only China could attempt to take on and it will be built in a city most people will have never heard of - Changsha in Hunan Province.

The building will be called Sky City and its statistics are quite remarkable. It will be 838 metres high, with 220 floors and a construction area of one million square metres.

To achieve that, 200,000 tons of steel will be used.

There will be space for 31,000 people inside, who will be able to move up and down with the help of 104 high speed lifts.

Some 83% of the building will be for residential use, with room for 17,400 people.

It will also contain a hotel with a capacity for 1,000.

There will be schools educating up to 4,600 children and a hospital which will treat 1,400 patients.

Only 3% of the building will be for office use. Any remaining space will be shops and restaurants.

The building will be just a few metres taller than the Burj Khalifa in Dubai but will be constructed at a fraction of the cost.

The company behind it, Broad Sustainable Building (BSB), specialises in prefabricated modular technology which allows them to cut costs significantly.

The Burj in Dubai cost £9,500 per square metre, whereas Sky City will cost just £950 per square metre.

Some of the same team who built the Burj will work on this new project.

It is not the first seemingly impossible, fast construction project by the company. In January, they built a 30-story hotel in just 15 days and it is still standing.

Any concerns that the speed of construction will seriously jeopardise the safety of Sky City have been refuted by the company.

BSB claim that the building will be state-of-the-art in every respect. It will be resistant to fire for up to 15 minutes and will, they claim, even be able to withstand magnitude nine earthquakes.